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Angler & Hunter Television Nearly 20 years ago, OFAH members thought it was about time that we started broadcasting our passion for the outdoors to a growing market hooked on Saturday morning fishing shows.

Our members knew that growing our organization would mean keeping up with the times. They knew that reaching out to a wider audience of anglers and hunters would take more than a magazine and headlines in the media. Our members knew that having a strong television presence would help bring our conservation message to hundreds of thousands of homes every single weekend. Those OFAH members were right! OFAH members' foresight is never underestimated and, following a motion made by attending members at a past OFAH Annual General Meeting and Wildlife Conference, it was decided to give television a try. In a leap of faith, the OFAH made its move to outdoor television's prime time.

Nineteen years later Angler & Hunter Television continues to stand out as the most comprehensive outdoors program of its kind - a show that represents OFAH values and cuts to the chase on issues important to anglers and hunters just like you.

Angler & Hunter Television is in its third generation with newest host Mike Miller. Mike promises to keep a down-to-earth approach to the show, teaching outdoor skills while making it a show that everyday anglers and hunters can really relate to.


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