Our Conservation Mandate

Our Mission:

As the voice of anglers and hunters, and as a leader in fish and wildlife conservation in the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) will:

  • strive to ensure the protection of our hunting and fishing heritage and the enhancement of hunting and fishing opportunities;
  • encourage safe and responsible participation; and
  • champion the conservation of Ontario's fish and wildlife resources, which so enrich our lives.

Our Vision: 

  • A future that includes healthy lakes and forests bountiful fish and wildlife, and opportunities for all Ontarians to share our passion for hunting, fishing and conservation.

Our Core Values:

  • As the VOICE of anglers and hunters, the OFAH will professionally represent Ontario's anglers and hunters, their hunting and fishing rights and traditions, and their passion for hunting and fishing and for fish and wildlife conservation. 
  • The OFAH supports and will seek to enhance Ontario's rich traditions of hunting and fishing and the quality of life they represent.
  • The OFAH will promote, encourage and seek to ensure the conservation of Ontario's fish and wildlife, their habitats, and the ecosystems that support them, to ensure continuing benefits to anglers and hunters, and by extension, to all of the people in Ontario. 
  • The OFAH will encourage, conduct and lead proactive fish and wildlife management, individually and in cooperation with others, to ensure the conservation of resources, the protection and enhancement of our hunting and fishing heritage, and the provision of benefits to meet the needs of Ontarians. 

A Strategic Plan for the Future:

In 2010 the OFAH Board of Directors approved a five year strategic plan that will guide the Federation strongly forward through to 2015 and well beyond. Read the strategic plan summary.

Member Inquiries:

Your concerns are important to us. OFAH member questions regarding OFAH governance, policy, programs and other matters relating to fish and wildlife conservation and the promotion of our hunting and fishing heritage are invited at any time. Phone 705-748-6324 or email ofah@ofah.org



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