OFAH Student Research Grants

Applications will be accepted from graduate students attending Ontario universities from November 1 until first Friday in January the following year

Your application for a research grant, sponsored by the OFAH and our partners, will be judged on:
Scientific merit:
Relevance and importance of this research to provincial OFAH interests: 
Candidate's proven record of accomplishment: 
Clear and realistic itemized budget: 
20 points
25 points
10 points
5 points
60 points

The application you send to us must include:

a) completed application form;

b) research proposal consisting of the following sections: abstract, introduction (including objectives, hypothesis and significance of research), methods (including study design, timetable and statistical approach), results anticipated, literature cited and budget;

c) up-to-date CV including scholarships, publications, presentations, academic and nonacademic honours, awards and achievements;

d) official transcript of credits; and

e) letter from your supervising professor supporting the intended research project.

Download Grant Information (the above information applies to these grants)
OFAH/Dr. Dave Ankney|Sandi Johnson Award for Avian Ecology
OFAH | OFAH Zone G | Oakville & District Rod & Gun Club Wildlife Research Grant
OFAH | St. Catharine’s Game and Fish Association and Conservation Club of West Lincoln Fisheries Research Grant
OFAH | Toronto Sportsmen's Show | OFAH Zone H Fisheries Research Grant
Other Available Grants
OFAH/Brokerlink Fish and Wildlife Conservation Internship

OFAH/Mike Reader/Toronto Sportsmen's Show/Fleming College Scholarship

Information | Download application



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