Attn: Fishermen-Walleye Tracking Study

To increase our knowledge on walleye movement and better manage the fishery, a tracking study is being conducted with walleye tagged from Lake Huron & Lake Erie. Each fish will have up to 2 external tags & 1 internal transmitter. In the event that you catch & keep one of these tagged walleye, there is a $100.00 reward for reporting the fish & returning the internal transmitter.

If you catch & keep a tagged walleye, please:

  1. Record when & where you captured the fish.
  2. Immediately remove the internal transmitter from the fish & rinse with water. Store the transmitter at room temperature. You may keep the fish.
  3. For reward & arrangements to mail in the transmitter, please contact the USGS Hammond Bay Biological Station at (989) 734-4768 (Mon-Fri , 7:00 am - 4:30 pm) . At other times, leave a message at ext. 111. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

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