Obtaining your Ontario Hunting Outdoors Card

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has introduced new ways to get your Ontario fishing and hunting licences and is having some implementation challenges with the new automated licensing system. You may experience temporary delays during the transition period. Visit ofah.org/ocupdate for more information.

Q. I am a resident of Ontario and have never hunted. How do I acquire an Outdoors Card?

Before you can acquire the hunting version of the Outdoors Card, you must first become an accredited hunter.

Contact a Hunter Education Instructor in your area and arrange to attend a hunter education course. Instructor names and phone numbers are available from the Ontario Hunter Education Program at 705-748-5785 or visit our website at www.ohep.net


Q. How long is the course?

The stand-alone hunter education course is 12.5 hours recommended and a maximum of 15.5 hours.

Q. Is there an examination?

There is no practical examination on the hunter exam, only a multiple choice, 70 question written examination.

Q. I wish to take the federal firearms training as well, how do I obtain that?

Most hunter education instructors are also firearm instructors and offer a combination course called? One-Stop? that covers both firearms and hunter education. When contacting the Ontario Hunter Education Program for Instructors in your area, advise them that you wish to do both the Hunter Safety course and the Federal Firearms training.

Q. Will the examination be given as part of the course?

Many instructors will arrange to have an examiner conduct examinations at the end of the course but if this is not done, he or she should have a list of examiners that you can contact.

You can also call 705-748-5785 to obtain names and phone numbers of Hunter Examiners in your area.

Q. How do I qualify as a resident?

A resident is someone who has a primary residence in Ontario and has resided in Ontario for a period of at least six consecutive months during the previous twelve months.

Q. Who qualifies as a deemed resident?

For the purpose of obtaining a Hunting Outdoors Card the following are deemed Ontario residents and may, upon producing a hunting license issued to that person by a competent authority, be issued an Outdoors Card:

1. They produce a hunting license issued to that person by a competent authority in any jurisdiction.

2. Provide documentation to sufficiently establish that he or she falls within the category of deemed resident:

    • A diplomat in an embassy of a foreign government stationed in Ontario.
    • A member of the armed forces of a foreign government who is stationed in Ontario.
    • A member of the armed forces of Canada or RCMP who is stationed in Ontario for at least one month.
    • Any of the immediate family of the above.

Q. I have moved to Ontario from another jurisdiction (i.e. Nova Scotia), I have resided in Ontario as a permanent resident for more than six consecutive months in the previous twelve and I have a license issued to me from that jurisdiction, does that help?

If you can produce a Resident License or Hunter Education certificate, issued to you after January 1, 1968 from another jurisdiction, you may challenge the Hunter Education examination one time without attending the Ontario Hunter Education course. If you fail to successfully complete this examination, you will be required to take the Hunter Education course and be reexamined.

Q. Can I also challenge the firearm examination?

Any person 18 years of age and over may challenge the firearm examination without taking the course and there is no restriction on number of challenges.

Q. What is the minimum age limit to obtain an Ontario Hunting Outdoors Card?

You must be 15 years of age to obtain a Hunting Outdoors Card. At 12 years of age a person can attend a Hunter Education Course and, upon successful completion of the examination, obtain an Apprenticeship Card to hunt with a mentor.

Specific conditions apply to the Apprenticeship Program. You can obtain a fact sheet on the program from the Ministry of Natural Resources or the Ontario Hunter Education Program. For the contact information of Instructors in your area, or for further information, please contact:


Ontario Hunter Education Program
P.O. Box 957
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7A5
Phone: (705)-748-5785
Fax: (705)-748-6596
E-mail: administrator@ohep.net
Website: www.ohep.net


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