Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

The Crown Land Use Policy Atlas (CLUPA), hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, is an interactive web browser that allows you to search for Crown land in Ontario.

Go to the MNR-hosted online Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

Navigating the Atlas

Once you have targeted a specific parcel of Crown land, you can determine the policies (permitted and prohibited activities) for that area. This tool not only allows anglers and hunters to search for Crown land, but also indicates whether or not hunting or fishing is permitted and if there are any additional restrictions.

The CLUPA can be challenging to navigate and use effectively. As a service to OFAH members, we have created a CLUPA guide to assist in searching for Crown land hunting and fishing opportunities.

If you are an OFAH member and are interested in receiving an electronic copy of this guide, please contact Chris Godwin.  



Hunting Updates

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