Hats for Hides

Donation of Big Game Hides

Hunters are encouraged to donate their big game hides to the Hats for Hides
collection depots across Ontario, where available.

More information on the Hats for Hides program, as well as a list of drop-off
depots, is available at www.hatsforhides.com, or by calling 705-295-6833.

Where it is not feasible to donate hides, hunters may leave them in the bush to
be scavenged by many wildlife species, such as blue jays, ravens, eagles,
martens, fishers, foxes and wolves. Disposal sites for hides or carcass remains
must be out of public view and well away from homes, water supplies, cottages,
public trails and popular recreation areas. For disposal at municipal waste
disposal sites, contact your local municipality.


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