Youth Hunting

Today’s youth do not have the same access to hunting opportunities that previous generations enjoyed. Many may want to try hunting, but lack the tools, knowledge or access to huntable properties to get started.

Providing opportunities for young hunters to gain the expertise, licenses and skills they need to hunt safely is an increasing priority for the OFAH, our member clubs, and other stakeholders in the outdoor community. 

In 2012, under an agreement with the Elgin, Perth and Middlesex Stewardship Councils, the OFAH will partner with Long Point Waterfowl, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl and other organizations to provide youth with opportunities in several areas of the province. Under the guidance of trained instructors and mentors, potential young hunters will have the opportunity to take the appropriate courses and upon successful completion, to experience a hunt for the first time. 

Many OFAH member clubs are already conducting mentored youth hunts, and many more will no doubt use the Youth Hunting Day Planning Tool Kit, created by the Elgin, Middlesex, and Perth Stewardship councils to train and mentor a new generation of young hunters in their communities.

What's Coming Up

Middlesex Youth Hunt Day
Sunday November 1, 2015

Elgin Youth Hunt Day
Saturday November 28, 2015

Deadline for Registration: October 21, 2015
Expression of interest can be made to: Kim Murch at or calling 519-852-5735

Registration forms may also be downloaded here.


Hunting Updates

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