OFAH Health & Dental Plan

Reel in painless protection with the OFAH Health Dental Plan!

The OFAH Health & Dental Plan provides a sigh of relief for all members not covered by a group benefit plan. And if you run your own business, your coverage could literally pay for itself!

Here’s how:

  • Own your own business? Boost employee morale by offering them this coverage. Premiums could be a deductible expense for your business and a non-taxable benefit to your employees.
  • Self-employed? Tax deductions on premiums could be yours to enjoy.
  • Not self-employed or a business owner? You still may be eligible for a tax credit if your premiums qualify as medical expenses.

The net cost of your coverage could work out to zero.

Health & Dental

Click here to discover which OFAH Health & Dental Plan is right for you.

Term Life

You can also keep your family protected with OFAH Term Life Insurance! Click here.

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