About The Program

NASP Compound BowsFor years, the OFAH has been providing educational programs and resources for teachers, students, and parents from all over the province. The OFAH Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program and our world-class OFAH/Mario Cortellucci Hunting & Fishing Heritage Centre are great examples of that.  The NASP program complements the OFAH’s original dedication and focus on outdoor education. With 5,000 schools in Ontario, the OFAH NASP program is destined to become the Federation’s largest youth-oriented program in its 86-year history.

In what began as a pilot program in Kentucky, NASP has skyrocketed internationally with more than 12,000 schools participating in 10 different countries. Since its inception in 2002, over 15 million kids have tried archery during their regular school day. The majority of NASP participants (56%) said they would like to like to learn more about different kinds of archery, including hunting, beyond NASP.

Curriculum Based Education

NASP Equipment

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) was developed to serve specific educational and conservation purposes. As its name suggests, NASP is an in-school (not extra curricular) program that doesn’t discriminate based on athletic or academic ability, age, gender or background.

This program is presented in school, somewhere in the day-to-day curriculum (for example physical education, mathematics, science, even history and English).  All students (whether elementary or secondary) will have the opportunity to participate.