What is NASP?
NASP stands for the National Archery in the Schools Program.  It is designed to give schools the necessary equipment and training they require in order to run a successful in-class curriculum archery program for grades 4-12.

What is the OFAH?
The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) is a grassroots, non-profit, non-government, membership based organization – the largest of its kind in Canada – with a mandate to support fish and wildlife conservation and time honored traditions of fishing and hunting in Ontario.

Why is the OFAH the Ontario provider of NASP?
A core value of the OFAH is to provide a strong focus on youth education and involvement with outdoor traditions including archery.  Archery is a very unique sport.  It is very unlikely that a child will try archery unless other family members already do archery.  By introducing archery to in-class curriculum, every student from grade 4 to 12 will try this amazing sport.  Our hope is that all students that participate will become aware of Ontario’s rich outdoor traditions and some may become future stewards of our natural resources through pursuing target archery or bow hunting beyond school.

Is NASP safe?
Yes.  Archery is one of the safest sports in the world.  NASP has over 20,000 registered schools running NASP.  Since its inception in 2002, over 18,000,000 students have tried archery during their school day and still boasts a perfect safety record!!

Does NASP meet OPHEA guidelines?
Yes.  NASP meets and often exceeds all OPHEA Guidelines for archery, leaving nothing out.

How is archery different from other sports we teach in gym class?
Archery is an individual sport but with team dynamics.  Every student is able to shoot NASP bows regardless of physical ability or athletic prowess.  The archers shoot at the same time together but each student competes against themselves to constantly improve their shooting accuracy.  NASP teaches focus, motivation, discipline, and fine motor skills.  Each student receives instant positive feedback with each passing shot as they get closer to the target centre.  We have received great testimonials that speak to how NASP has increased student confidence – especially with students that do not typically thrive in gym class or that have behaviour issues.

How many schools are running NASP in Ontario?
Since 2014, over 125 schools across 27 school boards and 24 First Nations have joined NASP.  A current map of these schools can be found here.


How much does the equipment cost?
There are two standard equipment packages.  The half kit that allows six shooters at once costs $4300.00 plus HST.  The full kit that allows ten shooters at once costs $6400.00 plus HST.  http://www.ofah.org/nasp/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/NASP-KIT-OPTIONS_Jan19.pdf
For remote and fly-in locations, there may be a shipping surcharge required to cover additional costs.

How long does the equipment last?
With proper maintenance, the equipment will last for years.  During the teacher training session, a portion of the training includes bow and arrow maintenance.  This will ensure that your school receives years of fun from your investment.  Depending on usage, some wearable components (target covers, fletchings, nocks) will need periodic replacement.

How do we repair the equipment?
Equipment repairs are demonstrated during the teacher training session so staff are able to maintain the equipment and make basic repairs.

Can we share a kit with another school?
Yes, this is a great way to reduce the upfront cost of the equipment.  You may share the full kit with another school.  The full kit easily fits in a minivan to transport between schools.  Teachers from both schools must be present at the same teacher training session.

If we already have some archery equipment, can we just buy the equipment we need?
Sort of.  NASP is designed to be the same for every student in the world.  The Mathews Genesis bow, and the Easton NASP arrow are mandatory and must be used by the school in order to run NASP.  However, if you already have some equipment like the backstop netting, bow rack and targets, your school is not required to purchase those items again.

Can we buy additional equipment in the future?
Absolutely.  Contact the OFAH NASP Coordinator at 705-748-6324 ext. 235, or nasp@ofah.org and you will be able to purchase equipment at an amazing discounted price.


Is there an additional cost for the teacher training session?
The teacher training session is included with the purchase of the equipment.  However, for remote and fly-in schools, we will need to add a surcharge that covers the increased trainer travel costs and shipment of the equipment.

How many teachers can be trained?
There is no limit to the number of teachers being trained.  Five (5) training manuals are included when the equipment is purchased.  Every teacher must have their own manual, so if more than five teachers are trained, each additional manual will cost $65 plus HST.

How long is the teacher training session?
The teacher training session is very thorough to ensure a safe and meaningful program.  It will take a minimum of 6 hours to complete.

If we have teacher turnover, can we have more teachers trained?
Absolutely!  It is encouraged to do so.  Another training session can be done at your school.  The cost is $65 + HST for each teacher training manual plus trainer costs (mileage, food, hotel, etc).  A quote can be given to the school before a date is set for the training.  As applicable, we encourage nearby NASP schools to send teachers to get trained at the same time to help offset the cost.

Do teachers have to recertify in the future?
Teacher certification is for a lifetime, provided they teach at least one (1) session every 18 months.  If you have not taught NASP in the last 18 months, it is recommended that you take the training again.  With NASP being run in gym class, your teachers should remain active every year and not require re-certification.

Can people who are not school staff, take the training?
Anyone can take the NASP training.  You do not have to be school staff.  However, with NASP being a curriculum-based archery program, any non-staff trainer (parent, volunteer) would need to be able to teach NASP during school hours.


Can we be a NASP school if we only want archery as an after-school program?
No.  This is a NASP requirement.  NASP equipment and training is to be offered to schools only willing to add archery to in-class curriculum (typically gym class).  Generally speaking, after-school programs only attract students who already do archery and those that do not take the bus.  When archery is presented in class, every student will be able to try this amazing sport, even if it is only for a few days each semester.

Can we use the equipment in after-school programs if we teach it during class?
Yes.  We highly encourage providing students with extra archery time during lunch or after school. The key being that this is in addition to teaching NASP in class.

Is NASP taught in French?
Currently, the teacher training sessions will all be taught in English.  With NASP being a U.S. based organization, all the training manuals are in English as well.  However, French Language Schools can easily teach the NASP program to their students in French during class.

Does NASP have tournaments to compete in?
Yes.  The Ontario NASP program offers three (3) different options for students to compete in a tournament.  We have a live event for Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario.  We also offer a virtual tournament for schools too far away to travel to a live event.