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OFAH Student Research Grants

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) research grant application process is underway for 2018.  Students wishing to apply for an OFAH research grant this year will be able to submit electronically.  The OFAH and partners are offering three different grants worth $4,000 each to university students researching fish and wildlife topics that are helping to improve resource management.  The OFAH uses a science-based approach to our advocacy in fish and wildlife management.

Who can apply?

Any graduate or post-graduate student currently researching a fish and wildlife topic, and whose findings would benefit Ontario’s fish and/or wildlife management.

What is being offered?

There are three  separate research grants of $4,000 each to be awarded:

  1. The OFAH/ Dave Ankney/ Sandi Johnson Award for Avian Ecology – $4,000
  2. The OFAH Zone G/ Oakville & District Rod & Gun Club Wildlife Research Grant – $4,000
  3. The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show/OFAH Zone H Fisheries Research Grant – $4,000

When is the application deadline?

Friday, January 5, 2018 at midnight

When and where will the grants be awarded?

Successful applicants will be notified through email, and asked to attend the 2018 OFAH Annual Conference to receive their research grant and provide a brief summary of their research.

Why does the OFAH and its partners offer research grants?

The OFAH is committed to supporting students and their research, which provides the science needed to inform and support sound fish and wildlife conservation management in Ontario.

Examples of research awarded in the past (view student research grant videos from OFAH conferences)

Winners of the 2017 OFAH Student Research Grants

The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Award for Avian Ecology – $4,000 matt palumbo

Matt Palumbo

Habitat selection and survival of female mallards in the Lake St. Clair region during autumn and winter


The OFAH Zone G/ Oakville & District Rod & Gun Club Wildlife Research Grant – $4,000 sam allen

Sam Allen

Risk assessment for the incursion and establishment of hemorrhagic disease viruses in Ontario:  Serosurveillance in cervids and cattle and characterization of current vector composition and distribution


The OFAH/St. Catharine¹s Game and Fish Association and Conservation Club of West Lincoln Wildlifescott hepditch Research Grant- $4,000

Scott Hepditch

The influence of water chemistry on the uptake of the lampricide TFM by Lake Sturgeon


The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show/OFAH Zone H Fisheries Research Grant – $4,000     chantelle penney

Chantelle Penney

The epigenetic effects of elevated temperature on the upper thermal tolerance of Salvelinus namaycush and Salvelinus fontinalis

In addition to the grants above, we also offer the following opportunities.

The OFAH/BrokerLink Fish and Wildlife Conservation Internship

The OFAH/Mike Reader/Toronto Sportsmen’s Show/Fleming College Scholarship