Stream Resources

The Community Stream Steward Program has a variety of resources available for use by Stream Stewards, landowners and community, youth and school groups. They can be used to increase your own knowledge, to share with others, or as hand-outs at local events. We are able to provide you with copies of these resources for use at your community events, meetings, or schools – please contact us to make arrangements.

Printed Resources – Brochures & Fact Sheets

Making a Difference – One Stream at a Time
Coldwater Streams
Trout Habitat Enhancement
Riparian Buffer Zones
Bank Stabilization
Livestock Fencing and Alternate Watering Systems
Bed-Level Stream Crossings
Livestock Fencing & Crossing
Beaver Management

Field Sheets

Stream Health Checklist
Preliminary Stream Evaluation


Tools & Equipment to Borrow

Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling Equipment
Water Chemistry Sampling Kits
Stream Monitoring Equipment
Shovels and gloves for planting
Chest and hip waders

The Stewardship-on-the-Go trailer is available to attend your local workshop or event – its filled with waders, shovels, sampling gear, and more! Everything you need to make your stewardship event a success –

Stream Buffering Display

Use this large floor model of a stream to engage children and youth in learning activities about the features and habitats of streams, and how to protect them from sediments and chemicals using shoreline plantings. A great activity for water festivals, events, and school programs.