Volunteers Welcome!

We are continuously building our network of interested and dedicated volunteers. Whether you are new to the world of volunteering or a seasoned veteran, the Community Stream Steward Program can use your help! Please Contact Us to inquire about volunteer opportunities and to be added to our volunteer network. Upcoming events will be posted on the Home Page and on Facebook – we look forward to seeing you out soon!

Some of the activities for Community Stream Steward Program Volunteers include:

  • Planting shrubs, trees, plants and grasses
  • Instream habitat work such as debris removal and brush bundle installation
  • Installing sediment control measure for rehabilitation projects
  • Stream monitoring with Community Stream Steward Program staff
  • Photographing sites to document changes over time
  • Collecting and identifing Aquatic Invertebrate (bug) data
  • Engaging communities to participate in project activities Researching funding sources and applications