Welcome to the OFAH Zone C website

OFAH Zone C is the most northern zone, and the largest by territory.

OFAH Zone C lies within the boreal forest, relatively close to densely populated parts of Ontario, which enables it to draw thousands of anglers and hunters for the annual moose, bear and migratory bird hunts, and the excellent fishing opportunities in the thousands of lakes that yield walleye, pike, trout, salmon and bass.

The vast majority of northerners hunt and fish, and OFAH Zone C members are no exception. Zone C members and its clubs appreciate and support conservation in a number of ways. Most OFAH Zone C clubs are heavily involved in fishery partnerships with the MNR. Club members volunteer countless hours in stocking fish, collecting spawn, operating fish hatcheries, assessing stocked trout lakes’ productivity and bathymetry mapping of major lakes in the area, to name just a few activities.

OFAH Zone C is directly represented on the Northeast Regional Advisory Committee, the Kirkland Lake Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee, the Temagami Local Citizens Committee and the Temagami Stewardship Council. Through Zone clubs and members, it also has representation on the Kirkland Lake Local Citizens Committee.

During the past two years, OFAH Zone C executive have spent countless hours attending MNRF open houses and public meetings, and have commented repeatedly on the Temagami Land Use Plans, though with little success.

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