Kapuskasing Rod and Club

The Kapuskasing Rod and Club was founded in 1929 and received its provincial charter in 1931. During the 1950’s, when club membership had reached approximately 200 members, the original clubhouse was torn and a new one with a concrete-block basement accommodating an indoor range. The range is mostly used by the club’s handgun section, but it can also be used for handgun-caliber rifles. In the early 1960’s, the club built an outdoor range with butts at 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards, and a trap house was installed as well. This outdoor range was used for about a decade, at which time the town of Kapuskasing expanded its boundaries. Because the range was within the new town limits, it was forced to close.

The clubhouse has undergone extensive renovations over the last seven years: Lorne Siple was instrumental in securing funding from the Trillium Foundation and the Northern Heritage Foundation, which paid for new roofing, siding, and interior renovations. Andy Benoit ensured that the indoor range was brought into conformity with CFO standards.

Of course the Kapuskasing Rod and Gun Club is involved in other activities besides firearms. Lloyd Newton has been leading the club’s fish restocking program, coordinating with the Ministry of Natural Resources to bring area lakes up to sustainable levels. The club has also undertaken the cleanup of Kapuskasing’s Gough Creek, with the hope that of walleye will once again use the creek as a spawning ground.

Although its numbers have declined over the years to 85 members, the Kapuskasing Rod and Gun Club is clearly still quite active and making a positive and significant contribution to the local community.

Kapuskasing Rod and Gun Club Executive 2008

President: I. Stevenson
President: J. Hickey
Range Master and 2nd Vice President: A. Benoit
Treasurer: L. Benoit
Secretary: R. Bartlet
Trustees: L. Siple, E Chartrand
Directors: L. Benson, D. Benson, J. Lauzon, R. Spencer, I. Tees, J.C. Godard

The club holds meeting on the last Thursday of every month; there are no meetings in July, August or December.

Temiskaming Angler and Hunter Association


Richard Mongeon, President
Clay Beairsto, Vice president
Kent Saxton, Treasurer
Gerald Paquette, Secretary
Roger Gregoire, Director
Eugene Obeirn, Director
Curtis Reynolds, Director
Dave Schiefer, Director
Peter Sword, Director

Meetings & Events
(Contact Gerry at (705) 647-1578 for information)

  • Monthly meetings are held 1st Wednesday of every month
  • Wild Chef Challenge , February 4th, 2011
  • Fishing trip to tretheway Lake February 19th, 2011
  • Family/youth fishing day to take place February 26th, 2011

Temagami Area Fish Involvement Program (TAFIP)

TAFIP was founded in 1985, after much discussion amongst the fishing and tourist community in this area, as a non-profit organization to help maintain a good walleye (pickerel) fish population in the local lakes of the Temagami area. A fish hatchery building was constructed on the waterfront in the town of Temagami. It is complete with all the necessary equipment and supplies, office space, along with four new rearing ponds located in the vicinity of the town of Temagami.

The program itself is sponsored by funds raised through annual membership fees, donations and other fund raising activities of our volunteers. Various local businesses and other organizations provide small grants and/or material in kind to assist us, which is greatly appreciated – these include the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Corporation of the Township of Temagami, Temagami Lakes Association (TLA), Cassells and Adjoining Lakes Association (CALA), O.F.A.H. Zone C & D, Haileybury Hunt Club, and Human Resources & Development Canada (HRDC).

Since the beginning the fish hatchery has been in operation every year, It has the capacity to incubate 3 million fish eggs ; however our assigned quota from the M.N.R is 2.5 million fish eggs each year. incubation time at the hatchery building is approximately 14 – 21 days, then our fry are transported from the hatchery tanks to the four outdoor rearing ponds. When many of the fry have become larger ( often referred to as “fingerlings” ) we distribute both fry and fingerlings to area lakes as per MNR biologist instructions, with 10% of the fingerlins distributed to the donor site. Most of this work starts at the beginning of May of each year after ice break-up and runs through to mid-August.

TAFIP Contact:
19 Lakeshore Drive,P.O. Box 88, Temagami, Ontario P0H 2H0
Telephone: (hatchery building) 705-569-3240
(alternate – Claude Landry, President – 705-569-4361)

TAFIP also conducts educational tours for school children and tourists during our operational summer months. During this time we have one full time person, and up to two students ( high school age ) who are hired for the summer through the assistance of the Federal Government HRDC funding, if available.

TAFIP is a volunteer organization with an executive composed of a President, Vice-President, Recording-Secretary, Financial Secretary, and 10 Directors. An additional number of volunteers are on stand-by and prepared to help at any time in the many tasks involved in the raising of walleye.

TAFIP meetings are held on the third wednesday of the month (7:00 p.m.) beginning in March, and in the months of April through to the November year-end meeting and election for directors (except for October – hunting season).

In addition to the main work of the fish hatchery, TAFIP is very involved in related community activities in the Temagami area, both with a educational and fund – raising focus. These events are : the Ling Fling (last Saturday of March Break each year ; exception in 2008 – March 22nd) ; a BBQ on the Sunday of Canada Day Weekend – July 1st and a Children’s Fishing Derby at dockside in Temagami on the Sunday of Civic Holiday weekend in August ; and other occasions (on request) we are pleased to set up an information booth with refreshments/BBQ in coordination with Fishing Tournaments, such as the 2007 Temagami Bass Tournament.