Welcome to the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” website

Welcome – –  listed here are a few things you might like to know about the members and activities of O.F.A.H. Zone “E”.


There are over 150 clubs with-in the O.F.A.H. Zone “E”. The zone area boundaries are approximately : the West border at the Whitby end of Oshawa (on Lake Ontario), North to approximately Dwight, and East to the South/West corner of Algonquin Park. The Northern border of the zone is approximately Huntsville East along the Southern border of the Algonquin Park to the Ontario shore of the Ottawa River – North of Pembroke. The Eastern border is Lake Ontario at Brighton then North to approximately Apsley then a right hand turn East to Arnprior on the Ottawa River. The South border is Lake Ontario. The rest of the eastern part of the province (East of our zone) is O.F.A.H. Zone “F”.

Some of the activities this zone are involved with are: stocking of Atlantic Salmon on the Cobourg Creek, video monitoring in the fish ladder at Corbett’s Dam in Port HopeFamily Weekend fishing events both Summer & Winter. We are also involved with work on protecting and restoring Ontario wet lands & waterfowl habitat, native affairs issues, local youth Pheasant and Waterfowl hunts, land use issues, species at risk, and invasive species  – –   just to name a few.

Our aim is to participate in the protection, prosperity, and the availability of Ontario wild-places and wildlife for us plus future generations. If you want to volunteer to help protect and improve your Ontario wildlife and wild-places, don’t hesitate to contact us to join in the events and activities.