Meeting Minutes

Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters – Zone F

Annual General Meeting; November 26, 2017 Perth Legion – Perth, ON


Wayne Stephenson, Cyril Holmes, Warren Backler, Michael MacDonald, Rick St John, Lynn Holmes, Angel Holmes, Merrill Elliott, Philip Duncan, Gaetan Poitras, Paul Mussell, Barry Lancaster, Wendell Crosbie, John Palmer, Don Hough, Bill Skinner, Ralph Fish, Ed Giffin, Hans von Rosen, Yvonne Brown, Bob Emery.

Chairman Ed Giffin called the meeting to order at 9:30 am, and led the group in the OFAH Conservation Pledge. Introductions including affiliations around the table followed.

Chairman Ed gave the Chair’s Report . It defined we had 3 Board of Directors meetings annually.

In the Chair’s Spring Newsletter it discussed our website hosted by Merrill Elliott and has Facebook available. On the website the RFF [Request For Funding] applications are available. Ed explained where we get our funding as a Zone from [rebate cheques from Head Office periodically from Head Office]. A survey was put out to the membership to ask meeting days and times preferred. There was not sufficient input to warrant change from the existing format.

In the Chair’s Fall Newsletter, it included the 2017 Deer Survey Form. Len Dickinson designed it, and it has been tweaked a couple of times; it is available on our website as well. There was a reminder the Zone has 3 plot mules available to the Zone members at no cost. Check the website for locations of same. Zone F purchased 15 youth [20 gauge] shotguns. Len Dickinson is the custodian of these units, and at least one club borrowed them this year. The Zone hosted a table at the Trapper’s Rendez-Vous in Carp on August 25th & 26th. We reviewed RFFs to date.

Moved by Cyril Holmes, seconded by Merrill Elliott to accept the Chair’s Report as presented; carried.

Minutes of the August 31st meeting had been mailed out, and copies available. Moved by Merrill Elliott, seconded by Angel Holmes to accept the minutes as presented; carried.

Bob Emery verbally discussed a Treasurer’s Report. Moved by Wendell Crosbie, seconded by Lynn Holmes to accept the report as read; carried.

There was no current correspondence to discuss.

Chairman Ed showed us the membership numbers. We are down slightly from last year. He reminded us to keep our memberships current; this is how we get our funding from Head Office.

Committee Reports:

Big Game Advisory Committee – Wendell Crosbie:

Moose validation tags allocation has been reduced in most WMUs. In some WMUs, the Calf harvest exceeds the allowable harvest in WMUs 41, 42 & 47 according to the Ministry. There was an opportunity to comment this past fall. With the Algonquin Land Claim, it is expected to impact on the ground for OFAH Zones E & F. Wendell mentioned the Algonquin wolves are an issue. Mark Ryckman from Head Office sits on this committee. Next meeting is December 1st.

Firearms Committee – Ed Giffin

The CFO [Chief Firearms Office] has recommended the OFAH develop and put on a course for “Range Officer Training”. Whereas there is an existing course now, associated with the Ontario Handgun Association, that course could be tweaked, and may not be too onerous to produce. The benefit to OFAH members is that it could be a one-stop shopping experience for all courses. This recommendation has been passed on to the OFAH Firearms/Recreational shooting /Hunter Education Affairs Advisory Committee to look into the practicality of Club level training for those clubs interested.

Hunter Education Instructor Survey – Ed Giffin

In late August the MNRF sent out a survey to all hunter ed instructors leaning towards ‘on line delivery’ for the hunter ed course. We do not have a response to the survey yet.

Lead Ammunition – Ed Giffin

Greg Farrant [Head Office] has been corresponding with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change [ECC], but has not got a firm position from them as yet. Greg reminded us that international studies, and science has not proven this to be an issue with humans or wildlife.

Land Use Access Trails [LUAT] committee – Ed Giffin

Bob Emery has volunteered to sit on this committee as Zone F’s rep going forward. Ed mentioned that Mike Evers, a retired C.O. with MNRF is now the Chair of this committee. There is a proposed update to the MNRF fee structure. There are some MNRF lands [surplus] held in trust. There is concern that the original or traditional usage of the land be overlooked. Look for a follow up on this going forward.

Conservation Authorities Act [CAA] – Review, next steps

Final amendments were made before being presented to the legislature. Changes in the CAA would require different authorities to be accountable, and include agricultural interests, hunters & anglers.

Socio-Economic Input of Moose Hunters –Forest Background Info letter update

The OFAH is trying to quantify the economic value of angling & hunting if various forest regions. The MNRF is in the process of developing info for Moose hunting only; not small game, game birds, or bear.

Alternative Land Use Services [ALUS]

This is primarily around the Peterborough area. There is a concern that the removal of farm windrows may impact all sorts of wildlife including song birds, and larger mammals.

Toronto – Windsor high speed rail

There is much concern that this high speed rail system may fragment bush lots and break up protection of animals such as Deer, and Coyotes. Access or crossings will be changed to minimize the number of crossings across the rail changing roadways.

Partnering with other organizations – Ed Giffin

There could be an opportunity to partner with the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights [CCFR]. Whereas this group is well connected with the hunting community, there are a number of issues we MAY support with them, but there are other issues such as ‘concealed carry and suppressors’ would not be supported. Look for more of a relationship with this group going forward.

Bill C-359 – Ed Giffin

This is where an individual knows or ought to know that a firearm they possess was involved in a criminal offence, is guilty an indictable offence, and or imprisonment up to 5 years. There is a case where a handgun was stolen, and reported, and used in a criminal act, and now the owner may have some responsibility in the offence.

Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee [CFAC] – Ed Giffin

The committee only has 9-10 members although it can have up to 15 members. Greg Farrant [H.O.] recommends more OFAH involvement. Also, the OFAH may provide firearms training to the committee members so that they better understand firearms before making decisions on firearms issues.

Bill C-52 – Ed Giffin

This is a bill requiring the Minister of Public Safety to hand over the firearms registry records for Quebec to their government which wants to carry on the registry. The Supreme Court ordered two years ago for these records to be destroyed; so why do they still exist?

Will Johnson – MNRF Hunting Program Administrator – Ed Giffin

Whereas the last change in the licensing system [POLs & PALs] was in 2008, the CFAC is looking at updating information and changes.

Online delivery of training is being considered. Although it seems all training online would not be practical, some may be, therefore making the course more welcomed to participants. To date, Ontario and Quebec are the only provinces that do NOT have some form of online training available. Participants supported some online training in the 40-60% range in favour. Some concerns from instructors included cheating [ie. Boater exam]; literacy and comprehension with youth, loss of stressing safety aspects, and some folks [ie Amish] don’t have computers.

OFAH Firearms / Recreational Shooting / Hunter Education Advisory Committee – Ed Giffin

The committee as well as 60% instructors responding to the survey recommended a blended course, but maintaining it as an instructor led course. The EBR suggests changing so as not requiring residents from another jurisdiction who currently have a hunting license to challenge our test and take a course if they fail. Affecting all hunters will be the change to the hunting version of the outdoor card, meaning you will always have to have your firearms license [PAL] with you while hunting with a gun; no more A1, A2, H1, or H2 cards.

Licensing and getting into courses: by signing up online, the MNRF will automatically know who bought a license. Now there is a 20% error rate on the course exams returned by instructors for online submissions. It seems easier to access and get corrections for questions gotten wrong online.

Fish Advisory Committee – Merrill Elliott

Adam Weir now our Fisheries rep.

No report on FMZ 18.

OFAH – Native Affairs – Ed Giffin

117,500 acres proposed to be transferred to natives. The Williams Treaty of 1923 saw the natives surrender harvesting rights.

Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee – Wendell Crosbie

The MNRF is collecting heads to do CWD testing.

EHD – Epizotic Hemoragic Disease is more of concern. Watch for this be discussed more in future.

South Nation Conservation Authority – Cyril Holmes

Cyril gave us an update on a bus tour across Eastern Ontario on various projects.

Mazinaw Area Fish & Wildlife Advisory Committee – Ed Giffin


Lanark Stewardship Council – Wendell Crosbie

Wendell described a number of spawning bed improvements at Sharbot Lake, Howe’s Lake, & Long Sault Creek.

Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative – Wendell Crosbie

October 22nd there was a mentored / guided goose hunt involving 13 youths from Perth & Carleton Place area. It included a ‘safety refresher’, set up decoys. Each student only had one shell in the shotgun at a time. This program was again, hugely successful.

Club Reports:
Grenville Fish & Game Club – Lynn Holmes

Will participate in the Santa Claus Parade in Brockville; 6 Cowboys action shots, IPSIC shooting range, Pellet gun shoot, clean up of township road ditches [about 20 km], 385 renewed members, February 24th will be their Perch Derby, Gun show April 14th, 15th. Lynn & Angel once again brought prints free for members / Clubs to take home to assist with fund raising; much appreciated.

Osgoode Fish & Game Club – Paul Mussell

Annual Banquet recently hosted 288 attendees including some Ottawa councillors. Thanks for the $500 donation to the Kids Fish Derby. Barry Lancaster mentioned it was their 5th year for their ‘Youth Hunt’. These are typically on P.D. days, and host 4-5 youth. They improved their Facebook page, and electronic banking with the Club.

Delta Waterfowl – Finch – Philip Duncan

The Club did a habitat and conservation improvement on along the South Nation River; built wood duck boxes, garbage clean up, conducted a youth hunt by borrowing the shotguns from Zone F, thank you.

Carleton Fish & Game Club – Warren Backler

Ran fish pond at the Trappers Rendez-vous in Carp. January 11th is their AGM; planning on a Youth Skeet shoot in the spring.

Ontario Women Anglers Association – Yvonne Brown

Thank you to Zone F for their donation to the group. All that was planned was not completed in 2017, so they have tucked some monies away for next year. Yvonne put on a great Power Point presentation highlighting the many functions her group participated in this past year, and more.

Chairman Ed played a ‘U-Tube’ video describing the Black Bass tagging / monitoring system being conducted on the Rideau River system. They are particularly concentrating on younger bass coming out of their reserves, and their conduct / travel.

Requests For Funding [RFFs]

Moved by Hans vonRosen, seconded by Philip Duncan Zone F donate $5,000 to Carleton University for the project labelled ‘Informing Black Bass in Eastern Ontario……………………… Carried.

Moved by Wendell Crosbie, seconded by Merrill Elliott to support the RFF by Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation in the amount of $4,000 for the rehabilitation of the Baxter Pond Conservation Area…. Carried.

Moved by Lynn Holmes, seconded by Wayne Stephenson to support the Grenville Fish & Game Club for their ‘Program Support for the Community’ in the amount of $1400, mostly supporting the maintenance of the Club’s large trailer used at many functions …………………….Carried.

Moved by Merrill Elliott, seconded by Angel Holmes to support the Ottawa Region Walleye League Kids Fish Derby to be held this winter; amount requested, $250. ……………………………….. Carried.

Moved by Wendell Crosbie, seconded by Merrill Elliott to support the Osgoode Twp Fish & Game Conservation Club for their Kids Fish Derby in July in the amount of $250…………………… Carried.

Moved by Wayne Stephenson, seconded by Rick St John, to support the Osgoode Twp Fish & Game Conservation Club for the improvement of the dock at the Taylor Park on the Rideau River ………. Carried.

All members are reminded, in order to get the best support for their project, we would like submissions for RFFs at least one month ahead of our Zone meetings. This way, if there are questions to be asked, the Executive can research any issues, to best educate the membership.

Election of Executive for Zone F – Michael MacDonald

Chair Zone F – Ed Giffin; ACCLAIMED

1ST Vice Chair – Wendell Crosbie; ACCLAIMED

2nd Vice Chair & Alternate Director – Merrill Elliott; ACCLAIMED

Secretary Treasurer – Bob Emery; ACCLAIMED

2nd Alternate Director – Philip Duncan has let his name stand; we will follow this up later

Motion to adjourn…………………. Moved by Michael MacDonald, seconded by Hans vonRosen.

Adjourned; 3:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Bob Emery


Secretary Treasurer