Meeting Minutes

Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters – Zone F

August 31 2017 Perth Legion – Perth, ON

Attendance Peter Stewart-Burton, Don Pajot, Len Dickenson, Wendell Crosbie, Gordie Morrice,Ernie McDougall, Cyril Holmes, Wayne Stephenson, JG Hamilin, Bill Skinner, Brian Vermeulon, Tom Brownell, Donn MacMillan, Barry Keicks, Ed Fields, Kerry Coleman, Brian McRae, Merrill Elliott, Ed Gifffin, Andy Moore.

The meeting was called to order @ 6:40 pm with the Conservation Pledge and introductions.

Minutes from the April meeting were verbally given as there were no hard copies available for hand out, Accepted Wendell Crosbie 2nd Don Pajot .. Approved.

Treasures Report The report was submitted by Bob Emery and delivered by Merrill Elliott.

Accepted by Wayne Stephenson 2nd by Don Pajot …. Approved.

Correspondence Thank you for the go-pro donation to the Ontario Hunter education conference from OFAH.

YHES thank you for the $1000.00 donation to the scholarship program

A follow up letter was shared by Don Pajot from Minister McGarry of his request to increase funding for CO’s .

Chairs Report Ed emphasized the importance of the new funding application .

Review of 2018 meeting dates

Meeting date survey … Brian McRae mentioned HO may be able to help.

Upcoming promotional items discussed

Mazinaw, Bancroft and Minden fish and wildlife committees to merge into one

Big Game Wendell Crosbie

Small game & Fur Bearer Management

There is no data available to support the closure of personal snapping turtle harvest

The policy framework has been finalized.

Regulation changes have been finalized by MNRF

White-tailed deer Management policy

Only 30 or so responded to the EBR posting.

A final decision is approximately one year out, to be followed by the development of harvest management guidelines and population objective setting guidelines.


2016 hunter harvest data is currently being analyzed.


The MNRF did not conduct an elk survey in Bancroft. They are trying new experimental method.

The MNRF has concluded that estimating elk population using tracking collars could be overestimating the numbers.

Licensing Automation Service System

An EBR regarding policy and regulation change proposal was released.

A comprehensive review is ongoing to make the system more cost effective and streamline

Fresh Air Educators based in Ottawa, will provide a call centre to provide support to licence holders.

Kerry Coleman also elaborated on the new proposed system

Brian McRae commented on the influence OFAH took in the hunter apprentice licensing.

Fire Arms Ed Giffin

Fire arm markings deferred to 2018

There are 1182 pal photo exemptions

Land Use and Trails Ed Giffin

Access roads being closed and MTO pulling culverts OFAH asked to see what impact this has on Hunting and Fishing.

Fisheries and FMZ 18 Merrill Elliott

Verbal report given on bordering FMZ’s

FMZ 18 Terms of Reference now complete.

Native Affairs and Algonquin Land claim Ed Giffin

Update on Nippising, season changes and new net sizing.

A 262 page document Algonquin Land Claim – Draft Environmental Evaluation Report

is EBR and the link to be put on the Zone web site along with meeting dates.

Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee Kerry Coleman

Only meet about once a year

Cervid blood collection, University of Guelph looking at epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus in deer in Ontario.

MNRF also looking at CWD with an emphasis on WMU 65

South Nation Conservation Authority Cyril Holmes

Kids fishing derby very successful

Annual watershed tour September 19 all welcome

Lanark Stewardship Council Wendell Crosbie

Provided support for Scouts Canada Tree Planting

Pauls Creek habitat restoration.

Sharbot Lake Walleye spawning bed work to begin September

Pine Grove Productions given a Canada 150 grant for its production Trees Youth and Future

Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative Wendell Crosbie

Spoke of the importance of this program

Update on past and future events.

Hunter Education Len Dickenson

Background and updates from the conference

New proposal on how Hunter Ed will be taught with a survey being sent to stakeholders.

New Hunters Survey Len Dickenson

updated on the survey … one page also online and an App to be posted on the Zone web site

South Nation Delta Water Fowl chapter spoke of their upcoming youth hunt in Finch September 30 and October 1st.

Asking to partner with the OFAH for their 10 year program, The zone will lend our shot guns as well as fund OFAH youth memberships

OFAH President Kerry Coleman updated us on the new Paperless Membership program.

Brian McRae, Head Office spoke of “Wear your Camo to Work Day” September 15 and of Heritage Day September 16.

Andy Moore of QDMA Lanark branch updated on their workshops and youth hunt.

Funding Requests

Len Dickenson $900.00 ( US curancy ) plus airfare $700.00 CDN to send Will Johnson ( MNRF) to the American Wilderness Leadership School in June 2018 ….. Approved

Canadian Forces Ottawa Fish & Game Club representatives Peter Stewart-Burton and Don Pajot reported that their club was donating $4000 towards the Rideau Valley Conservation Baxter Pond Renewal Project and that it was hoped that OFAH Zone F would match their donation. The Funding Application Request from Rideau Valley Conservation had not been received in time for the meeting to decide to support this funding request and it was deferred until the AGM in November.

A special THANK YOU to Wayne Stephenson for keeping the attendees engaged with his talk on the history of the Marlboro Forest and the Jock River Fish and Game Club.

Damn Technology .

Respectfully Submitted

Merrill Elliott