The Coldwater & Area Conservation Club

The Coldwater & Area Conservation Club was founded February 11, 1985 by a local group of hunters and anglers whose initial plan was to clean up the Coldwater River. Since then, clear goals and objectives have evolved and the membership includes individuals and families with other interests as well, including photographers, naturalists, bird watchers, hikers and environmentalists. The area has expanded to include the area north of the Coldwater River to the Severn River. The Club’s constitution was updated March 31, 1996 and has charitable status. The Club was incorporated February 5, 1998.

Current Endeavors

The Club is dependent on funds raised from lotteries, donations, and grants from both the Ontario and Federal government and the Township of Severn along with the numerous hours volunteered by our members, residents and businessmen of Severn Township to carry out our Management Objectives and maintenance projects.
In co-operation with federal, provincial and municipal government as well as other agencies, carry out and assist in watershed, forests, fisheries and wildlife management and preservation of wetlands and endangered species.

  1. Assist and support responsible environmental control and management programs.
  2. Play a lead role in the community in assisting and providing education on resource management and conservation.
  3. Assist in providing support or carrying out activities that provide recreation or natural interpretation of our natural resources.
  4. Participate in and promote fund raising activities to support the Club’s vision.
  5. Promote opportunities for participation and social climate to function.

The Club demonstrates a presence and leadership in the Coldwater area through total membership participation with co-operation and assistance of government agencies; as well carry out resource management programs, preserve wetlands, support responsible environmental programs, educate and develop a true sense of stewardship in the community towards its natural resources and sustainable development.

To provide leadership by carrying out responsible resource management projects on the Coldwater River watershed in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited and M-T-M (Marl-Tiny-Matchedash Conservation Association).

To provide on going rehabilitation to the Coldwater River water shed, its water quality, fish, and wild life by:

  • removing fallen trees
  • stabilizing banks to prevent erosion
  • creating spawning beds
  • planting trees along banks to prevent erosion

Assist in management of Matchedash Marsh by:

  • Maintaining wildlife and waterfowl inventories
  • Maintaining and monitoring waterfowl structures
  • Maintaining Cowan Nature Trail & Interpretive/Walking Trail
  • Maintaining an interpretive/picnic shelter at the Cowan Nature Trail on the Kinnear Side Road
  • Maintaining boat launching ramp, wharf and parking lot in Coldwater
  • Maintaining the boat launching ramp and parking lot at Big Rock on the North River
  • Performing river cleanup that inhibits fish migration
  • Performing litter pickup on Hwy#12
  • Report a Poacher Signs
  • Tree Planting
  • Up Land Game
  • Education/Public Awareness
  • Garbage Pick Up

The principle area for the Club’s activities is the surrounding area of the Village of Coldwater encompassing the Coldwater River watershed from Eady to the mouth, the North River from Laughlin’s Falls to Matchedash Bay and Matchedash Bay to the Waubaushene highway bridge.

Contact Information:

Coldwater & Area Conservation Club
Box 311,
Coldwater, ON
L0K 1E0

(705) 538 – 1894

Membership Information:

Membership application can be downloaded from our web site.

Family: $55.00       Single: $40.00       Associate: $10.00

Monthly, General meetings are held at 8 p.m. at Dr. Gord Godwin’s Dental Office – 12 Sturgeon Bay Road, Coldwater

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