Decommission The Springbank Dam. Let The River Flow


A group to help rally support for the decommissioning of Springbank Dam.
Please spread the word about this group. It has been created to help rally support for the decommissioning of Springbank Dam.

The Springbank Dam was built to create a reservoir to serve recreational purposes only, it does not prevent downstream flooding. The reservoir has been proven to reduce water quality in the reservoir and downstream of the dam, this in turn has had a negative effect on the overall environment, including fish. Since the dam has been out of commission for several years, the water quality has improved and many new fish species have been able to re-establish themselves upstream and downstream of the dam, such as: Trout, Salmon, Barbot, Gar-pike and Musky.

City councillors and the London mayor will soon meet to decide how to proceed now that the lawsuit has been settled. (Any information sharing about this process is welcome.)

I fully believe that we have provincial and federal environmental protection laws on our side, and this, along with the voices of the community, should be enough to prevent the Springbank Dam from being put back in operation.

This group does not support illegal, aggressive, or violent acts or protests against the Springbank Dam. Any members of this group that conducts themselves inappropriately on this group, the internet or in public, will be removed.