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Heritage law good for people, wildlife

Legislation recognizing the rights of hunters and anglers will, ultimately, benefit both people and wildlife, says the province’s largest conservation organization, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and hunters.

“The Ontario Federation of Anglers and hunters applauds the government’s recognition of hunting and angling rights and their support for those who participate in the protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat,” declares O.F.A.H. Executive Director Mike Reader.

The government has committed support to increasing youth participation in hunting and angling and to augment fishing and hunting related tourism. These commitments will help ensure that tourism dependant communities, especially in the north, will receive a much needed boost. And, with young people encouraged to become tomorrow’s anglers, hunters and conservationists, wildlife stands to benefit in the future, Reader adds.

Approximately one in four will fish or hunt in Ontario this year, and anglers and hunters contribute over $50 million a year to provincial and wildlife conservation efforts, including enforcement, stream rehabilitation, tree planting and wildlife reintroduction programs that have brought wild turkey and elk back to their native ranges in Ontario. A Fish and Wildlife Commission has also been set up to advise the Minister or Natural Resources how to best utilize financial resources to maximize benefit to fish and wildlife.

“Healthy, sustainable natural resources are important to people of Ontario regardless of whether they fish or hunt. Just about everyone wants to ensure abundant wildlife, and, thanks to efforts like the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act, the government has taken a positive step to guarantee thriving natural resources in the future,” Reader concludes.