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Government announces Enhanced Wolf Management Plan

Ontario’s hunting community will play a leading role in helping wildlife managers collect data to ensure Ontario wolves remain among the best-managed and protected in North America, says the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.).

It’s all part of the Enhanced Wolf Management Plan (EWMP) announced today by the Province of Ontario that will introduce new hunting seasons and require mandatory harvest reporting in central and northern Ontario. “Ontario has a tradition of wolf hunting, but recently that could have easily gone the way of the former spring bear hunt,” said O.F.A.H.

Provincial Manager of Fish and Wildlife Services, Dr. Terry Quinney, referring to animal rights campaigns to ban sustainable-use activities such as wolf hunting and trapping.

Thankfully the Ontario government actually listened to the advice of the O.F.A.H. that has saved wolf hunting traditions, and given wildlife managers the improved ability to collect data and manage harvest.

“We trust Ontario hunters will be willing to accept these new measures. This is a reasonable balance to enhance wolf conservation and maintain hunting opportunities and protect farmers property rights,” said Dr. Quinney. Regulated hunting and trapping are model sustainable-use activities that also generate significant resource-based tourism, northern jobs and improved wildlife conservation. Particularly in agricultural southern Ontario, coyote hunting is an important wildlife management tool and is unaffected by the plan.

“We are pleased to assist the science community to collect the data they need to ensure that wolves continue to be heard howling throughout central and northern Ontario,” said Dr. Quinney.

Additional Facts

  • The Enhanced Wolf Management Plan (EWMP) is Ontario’s response to the COSEWIC designation of eastern wolves as species of special conservation concern… it gives Ontario wildlife managers a new ability to monitor and manage wolf harvest,

  • The EWMP ensures that healthy wolf populations will continue to occupy 85% of their historic range in Ontario