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Brant County celebrates two major O.F.A.H. conservation winners

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February 22, 2006

For Immediate Release

Brant County celebrates two major O.F.A.H. conservation winners

Ontario’s highest conservation club achievement award has been returned to the Brant Rod and Gun Club, a founding member club of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the oldest conservation organization in Brant County.

The Mary Pickford trophy, named after the late Canadian actress and avid angler, recognizes O.F.A.H. member clubs for their outstanding conservation work. The prestigious award was presented on Saturday, February 18, at the Annual O.F.A.H. Wildlife Conference in Mississauga.

Not since 1947 has the Mary Pickford Award been proudly displayed in the clubhouse of the Brant Rod and Gun Club, located on Henderson Road, in Burford. It’s long-awaited return indicates how hard Brant Rod and Gun Club members have been working to stand out as ‘the best’ among 630 O.F.A.H. member clubs that also greatly contribute to fish and wildlife conservation projects all throughout Ontario.

“Members of the Brant Rod and Gun Club live up to the adage that, when it comes to conservation, anglers and hunters always give more then we take,” said Mike Reader, O.F.A.H. Executive Director. “It is great to be supported by so many dedicated Brant Rod and Gun Club members who are so passionate about their Federation as well as community conservation work including stream restoration, fish stocking, kids’ fishing events and O.F.A.H. Get Outdoors programs, as well as the restoration of an oak savannah and tall grass prairie.”

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Ontario’s top conservation club of 2005, is also the hometown club of Ontario’s top conservation volunteer, Nadja Stevens, of Brantford. Ms. Stevens has been recognized by 81,000 O.F.A.H. members for her leadership in many of the projects that made her entire club a winner at this year’s O.F.A.H. Wildlife Conference.

Ms. Stevens strongly emphasized that support from fellow club members and community partnerships have been the key to the Brant Rod and Gun Club’s conservation success stories.

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Robert J. Pye
Communications Coordinator
(705) 748-6324 ext. 267

John Pray
Brant Rod & Gun Club, President

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