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O.F.A.H. rings in Ontario’s annual fall hunting season

OFAH File: 842
September 21, 2006

For Immediate Release

O.F.A.H. rings in Ontario’s annual fall hunting season

“Opening day” is on the minds and in the hearts of half-a-million Ontario hunters. Over the next several weeks of hunting, bonds with family and friends will be strengthened, connections with the great outdoors will be renewed and nature’s bounty will be shared. Like generations of hunters before them, Ontario’s most dedicated conservationists will celebrate the annual fall hunt for deer, moose, bear, waterfowl, rabbits and partridge.

“Fall hunting season is indeed a celebration,” said O.F.A.H. Executive Director, Mike Reader. “It’s a celebration of Canadian history and rural tradition. It’s a celebration of family values and our deeply rooted respect for nature. Fall hunting season is also a celebration of the 81,000 O.F.A.H. members and 640 member clubs who work so hard to improve conservation and local hunting opportunities.”

Reader also pointed out the Federation’s recent accomplishments for wildlife managers and hunters including the push for extended seasons and additional game seals, and the historic introduction of Sunday gun hunting starting this fall in some 90 municipalities across southern Ontario.

As the Voice of Anglers and Hunters, the O.F.A.H. is proud to emphasize all of the valuable contributions made by Ontario’s half-a-million licensed hunters