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Four Record Fish Caught in Ontario in 2017

A number of new anglers joined the OFAH/Ontario Record Fish Registry last year

PETERBOROUGH — The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH)/Ontario Record Fish Registry was developed to recognize the largest fish legally angled from Ontario public waters each year.

Almost 50 game and nongame fish categories receive recognition and replications of many of these record fish are currently displayed at the OFAH/Mario Cortellucci Hunting and Fishing Heritage Centre.

In 2017, four fish categories had their records broken. The following chart details the new records:

Species Weight (lbs.) Length

( in.)





Angler Waterbody Closest Community Lure or Bait
Burbot (Ling) 17.95 39.0 19.0 01/25/2017 Sebastien Roy Lake Simcoe Orillia, ON Vibrato
Goldeye 2.20 16.6 8.9 07/3/2017 Neil Robinson Redstone River South Porcupine, ON Spinner & Minnow
Rainbow Smelt 0.37 11.75 6.0 04/04/2017 Mark Proulx Muskrat Lake Cobden, ON
Silver Redhorse 9.49 28.0 17.25 07/20/2017 Jeff Kinchen Georgian Bay Owen Sound, ON Worm

Moving forward into 2018, the Record Fish Registry will be undergoing some significant changes pertaining to the requirements anglers must meet to have a fish considered for recognition on the registry.

A prospective record fish must now be entered within 30 days of the catch and each entry must be accompanied by at least two high resolution photos to help with the confirmation process. One colour photo must show the full side view of fish with fanned out fins (tail, dorsal, and anal) next to a ruler and the other must have the angler holding the fish outside.

Additionally, for species verification, it is recommended that anglers freeze the fish in a block of ice to prevent damage from freezer burn and all new qualified records will be recognized within 60 days of submission. These changes will provide recognition to additional anglers that submit a record catch that is subsequently beaten within the same calendar year.

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