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When Ontario’s harsh winter weather puts our whitetail deer population in crisis, it's no coincidence that anglers and hunters come to the rescue through participation in the OFAH DeerSave emergency winter feeding program. In conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the OFAH DeerSave program was created to coordinate volunteers for breaking trails, browse cutting and emergency deer feeding in areas where high snow levels and extended periods of extreme weather could cause large-scale starvation in deer wintering areas.

Uninformed winter deer feeding can reduce the health of animals, and even kill them if it is not done properly. Anyone thinking about feeding deer should contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) first. Feeding deer straight grain or corn, alfalfa, or hay can do more harm than good. Feeding under the DeerSave program takes place only under strict OMNR emergency feeding guidelines.

The DeerSave Action Plan, and Fund Applications are available by contacting Mark Ryckman by email at mark_ryckman@ofah.org or at the OFAH's Head Office:

  P.O. Box 2800
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 8L5
Phone (705)748-6324
Fax (705)748-9577

Your donation to the OFAH DeerSave Fund is tax deductible and will be directed in full to winter deer emergencies as they arise. It is a most direct and effective way to help wildlife when they are in greatest need.


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