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OFAH Advisory Committee Reports

OFAH members have a wide range of interests in everything from fisheries to firearms, big game to small game, agriculture to access, and Indigenous relations to sporting dogs.

To give these topics the discussion they deserve, the OFAH Board of Directors rely on advisory committees to review and discuss relevant topics to offer insight and advice to inform policies, positions and approaches taken by the Federation. The OFAH President appoints a committee chair, who in turn appoints the committee membership. Each committee benefits from a diverse membership who bring personal and professional expertise to the table to inform these discussions. Committee memberships include many current and past OFAH Board of Directors or and members from OFAH Zone Executives, along with research scientists, resource managers and other practitioners with subject matter expertise from outside the organization. Committees also attempt to have a member from each OFAH Zone to ensure the best possible geographic representation of OFAH member interests.

Click on the images below to see a copy of OFAH advisory committee reports from 2019.