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OFAH Community Conservation Fund

Thank you for considering the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) as your partner in fish, wildlife, and habitat conservation, research, and public education. The volunteer efforts of generations of dedicated conservationists have helped sustain Ontario’s fish and wildlife and the OFAH is committed to supporting those good works.


Projects covered by the OFAH Community Conservation Fund can include specific fish and wildlife conservation projects, habitat restoration and protection, making fishing and hunting accessible, engaging youth in fishing, hunting, and conservation, and general conservation projects ranging from invasive species mitigation to nature-based approaches to addressing climate change.

Proposed projects must be identified to best fit one of these five categories:

Category Description and Examples Maximum request
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Conservation work that directly benefits game species conservation and management in Ontario, including academic research, citizen science (e.g., angler diaries), etc. $10,000
Habitat On-the-ground conservation work that restores or protects fish and wildlife habitat, including species-specific work (e.g., fish spawning areas), wetlands, water quality, land stewardship, fish passage, etc. $10,000
General Conservation E.g., Invasive species mitigation and control, biodiversity protection, restoration, and enhancement, and developing or implementing nature-based solutions for climate change. $10,000
Making Fishing and Hunting Accessible (including youth engagement) Build or repair angling and hunting infrastructure – including fishing platforms/docks, urban fishing nodes, accessible hunting trails and platforms – on publicly accessible land. Human dimensions including angler/hunter recruitment, angler/hunter mentorship, accessibility mentor training, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI).  $10,000

Ineligible expenditures include:

  • Ongoing operational or administrative costs;
  • Permanent staff positions;
  • Emergency or deficit financing;
  • Legal actions;
  • Travel or meals for conferences and seminars;
  • General fundraising; and,
  • Land acquisition.

In 2023, funding is available for projects that will be completed by December 31, 2023, provided the project meets all other criteria and all expenses covered by a CCF grant will occur entirely in 2023.

Please note that community hatchery funding is through the Community Hatchery Program, not the OFAH Community Conservation Fund.


Grassroots community actions for fish and wildlife has always been at the core of OFAH’s conservation efforts. Many OFAH-affiliated clubs and other community groups continue those traditions in Ontario, and this fund is intended to support their ongoing conservation efforts. If you are a club that is registered as a business, not-for-profit or charity, you can apply


The proceeds of OFAH Conservation Lotteries (e.g., Catch the Ace) and the generous donations of our supporters are used to fund the many OFAH conservation and outreach initiatives, including our work on fish and wildlife restoration programs, invading species, habitat restoration, and fishing and hunting outreach programs. Some of the lottery proceeds and donations are earmarked to support community conservation efforts.

In the past, many OFAH-affiliated clubs helped to sell tickets for our Conservation Lottery and those efforts would result in part of those proceeds being returned to them for their local conservation efforts. As the traditional paper-based lottery evolved into the online charitable gaming that we know today, we wanted to find a way to continue to have a portion of our lottery proceeds support these community efforts. This will occur through the OFAH Community Conservation Fund.


The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. on April 2, 2023.


Note: All applications must be submitted using the supplied fillable pdf form at the link above. Please complete the application form and e-mail it to It is important to follow the directions in the application and complete each section. Failure to do so will result in an unsuccessful application or delays in the granting process.

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