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Guide to Buying and Selling Firearms Online

Making a purchase of any kind online comes with a certain level of convenience. It also comes with a level of responsibility for buyers and sellers. More often now, than ever, firearms owners are buying and selling firearms online. Some use established websites. Others use social media platforms to broker their transactions. The following is a list of best practices to consider when buying and selling online.

Confirm that buyers/sellers have a valid PAL.

  • Buy and sell with websites which you are familiar with.
  • Know who you are dealing with — ask questions and learn as much as you can about the Buyer/Seller
  • BUYERS/SELLERS: If possible, arrange to meet face-to-face at a mutually agreed upon location to complete the transaction.
  • BUYERS/SELLERS: Attempt to arrange verbal contact with the other part to confirm authenticity of the transaction
  • Be wary if BUYER/SELLER is evasive; isn’t willing to meet face-to-face; or speak over the phone
  • BUYERS: Be wary of sharing secure personal information online (I.E. social insurance number, credit card number, etc.)
  • BUYERS: arrange for inspection of firearm(s) before transferring funds or completing purchase. Do NOT transfer money beforehand
  • SELLERS: Do not provide buyer with firearm without proper payment arrangement.
  • BUYERS/SELLERS: Engage in comparative shopping before listing or purchasing a firearm online.


Download the Guide as a PDF.

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