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Recommendation on U.N. Firearms Marking Protocol


  • On December 23, 2004, the federal government introduced new regulations on firearms marking under Bill C-10A.
  • The OFAH supports the basic principle behind the protocol, but does not believe that the firearms marking system as proposed is necessary to accomplish the end goal.
  • It will not enhance public safety and could seriously impact the cost and availability of legal firearms in Canada.
  • The federal government has delayed the implementation of new Criminal Code firearms marking regulations in support of the legislation.
  • In effect, although the legislation was passed into law, there are no regulations regarding marking to support it.
  • Unless a change is made, the regulations that are currently being proposed will take effect on June 1, 2017. These regulations will drive up the cost of new firearms; jeopardize the ability of small and medium sizes firearms importers to abide by the regulations due to the costs associated with implementing the changes; potentially impact the integrity and value of the firearm and impact negatively on legal firearms owners, including hunters and recreational shooters.
  • Although not required by law, new firearms being imported into Canada are already marked with a serial number, which is used by the RCMP Firearms Tracing Unit to trace firearms.
  • The serial number is unique to an individual firearm. Records kept by manufacturers already allows for the tracking of the firearm back to its point of origin, and includes the make, model and serial number of each firearm, reveal when and where it was manufactured, when and where it was shipped, when the firearm was released by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and information on the importer.
  • Given that this already exists, why implement a system that will require that the firearm carry additional markings, which would have to be added at great expense once the firearm has been received in Canada?

The goal was to comply with the United Nations Firearms Protocol, which Canada signed in 2001, and is intended to prevent shipments of small arms from ending up in conflict zones around the world.

What We’re Asking..

Please consider replacing the proposed regulations with the wording below, which complies with U.N. protocol.

Section 4(1)(a) A firearm manufactured or imported after the coming into force of this regulation shall be permanently marked with the firearm’s serial number on the firearm’s frame, receiver or barrel.

Section 4(1)(b) A firearm manufactured after the coming into force of this regulation shall be permanently marked with the firearm’s make on its frame, receiver, slide or barrel.

What can you do?

Contact your local MP and request that they support a simpler amendment to these regulations recognizing serial numbers are already on new firearms.

A list of contact information for MPs can be found here.

Here is a form letter to send to your MPs.

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