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do fish feel pain

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The Municipal Angling Toolkit

FishONline (interactive searchable map to find information on fishing locations, stocking and more)

Guide to eating Ontario fish (interactive searchable map for advice on safe fish consumption)

Angler’s Atlas (online angling resources: depth charts, topo maps)

Sea Lamprey Control Map (interactive map tool showing streams protected by barriers in the Great Lakes basin)

Moon phases

Wind direction/speed

Current weather conditions

Marine Safety

Info-Go (official website to find Ontario government organizations, offices and employees)


OFAH Fish and Wildlife Diseases fact sheet

Guide to Eating Ontario Sport fish

Ontario Out of Doors fishing forum (online discussions about all things fishing-related)

Avoiding trap nets & gill nets in the Great Lakes – and what to do if you get caught in a drifting net


MNRF Broadscale Monitoring Program

MNRF Lake Ontario stocking plan

MNRF Lake Superior stocking plan

Fishing Regulations Summary

Ontario’s Provincial Fish Strategy

Fisheries Management Zones


Can Fish Really Feel Pain?

MNRF Lake Nipissing Data Review

OFAH Lake Nipissing Data Analysis Report

OFAH Fisheries Research Grant 





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