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The OFAH employs a team of professional staff to review policy proposals, changes to regulations and legislation and any other initiatives or programs to advocate for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters.  Your Federation responds to proposed changes that could affect fish and wildlife conservation and angling and hunting opportunities.  The OFAH has been involved in black bear management through:

  • Speaking out on bear management decisions and regulations affecting licensed hunters
  • Financial support for court action
  • Communicating black bear management information to members and public
  • Promoting sound, science-based management of bear populations in ON
  • Representing bear hunters through the OFAH Big Game Advisory Committee

OFAH weighs in on spring bear hunt misinformation


Listed below are examples of your OFAH hard at work on bear management

Official Submissions

Feb 18, 2020  ERO 019-1112  The OFAH supports the full return of spring bear hunting in Ontario

June 10, 2019  ERO 019-0022 Proposal to reduce the minimum distance requirement for placement of bait from rights of way and trails for black bear hunting

Oct 3, 2018  OFAH priorities for the new government – spring bear hunt

Nov 30, 2015  EBR 012-5485 OFAH comments on the spring bear hunt expansion and bear baiting proposal

Mar 7, 2014 EBR 012-0981 Proposed amendment to two regulations under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to establish a 2-year black bear pilot project in parts of northern Ontario

Oct 4, 2013  Letter to the MNRF:  Expansion of Black Bear Hunting Opportunities

Where we Stand

  • Black bear management decisions must be made with the best available science
  • The OFAH supports black bear hunting in the spring and fall
  • Bear hunting with bait is a legitimate technique that allows hunters to determine the age and sex of the bear, before harvest
  • Bear baiting stations on Crown land should be registered and/or clearly marked
  • The OFAH supports the mandatory harvest reporting of all bear hunters
  • Provincial research on black bear predation, reproduction, survival and the socio-economic impact of hunting should regularly occur
  • The OFAH supports an international ban on the commercial sale/trade of bear galls, bile and paws
  • Black bears should be regarded as respected big game, and not nuisance wildlife

Committee Involvement

OFAH Big Game Advisory Committee

MNRF Big Game Management Advisory Committee

MNRF Human-Wildlife Conflict Advisory Group



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