The VOICE of Anglers and Hunters since 1928


The OFAH employs a team of professional staff to review policy proposals, changes to regulations and legislation and any other initiatives or programs to advocate for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters.  Your Federation responds to proposed changes that could affect fish and wildlife conservation and angling and hunting opportunities.  Some examples of OFAH action relating to sporting dogs include:

  • Holding governments accountable in decisions regarding small game seasons
  • Encouraging access to all land uses for the purpose of dog trails and hunting
  • Pushing for expanded seasons (ie: goose, mourning dove) and youth events that include the use of sporting dogs
  • Providing direction to local area managers and landowners about hunting with sporting dogs
  • Speaking out on legislation and laws that would impact sporting dogs and their handlers (ie: Bill C-615 to ban e-collars on companion animals, kennel by-laws, use of GPS devices for dogs)
  • Dedicated OFAH Sporting Dog Advisory Committee to advise our Board of Directors
  • Provides $5 million in Primary Club Comprehensive General Liability Insurance coverage for sporting dog clubs, AT NO COST, for 100% affiliated clubs (coverage includes dog field trials (live fire and none live fire), education programs, conservation and fundraiser projects, etc.).

Listed below are examples of your OFAH hard at work on sporting dogs issues.

Official Submissions

Mar 7, 2022  Updating standards of care for dogs kept outdoors

Sept 1, 2020  Training and trial areas for sporting dogs

Aug 27, 2014  Deferral of Multi Use Radio Services (MURS) in Canada

Apr 26, 2012  Use of leashed dogs to track and retreive big game

Apr 11, 2011  Proposed agriculture-wildlife conflict strategy

Where we Stand

organized sporting dog trials are important for:

  • the preservation and improvement of sporting dog breeds
  • introducing new people to sporting dogs
  • local tourism
  • raising funds for conservation projects and conservation issues
  • Crown game preserves , wildlife areas and public areas should allow field trial activities
  • well trained hunting dogs are invaluable for locating, tracking and recovering game
  • the use of live, pen-raised quail, chukar and pheasant for training and testing sporting dogs should be permitted
  • the OFAH supports mandatory identification for hunting dogs

Committee Involvement

OFAH Sporting Dog/Small Game Advisory Committee

Multi Use Radio Services (MURS) Working Group


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