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Ontario Wild Turkey Hunting Study Guide Now Available.

The OFAH employs a team of professional staff to review policy proposals, changes to regulations and legislation and any other initiatives or programs to advocate for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters.  Your Federation responds to proposed changes that could affect fish and wildlife conservation and angling and hunting opportunities.  The OFAH continues to be involved in wild turkey management by:

  • Recommending additional wild turkey hunting opportunities
  • Advocating for more youth wild turkey hunting opportunities
  • Providing a voice for turkey hunters on the Ontario Wild Turkey Working Group (provincial committee
  • Representing wild turkey hunters through the OFAH Sporting Dogs/Small Game/Migratory Birds/Wetlands Advisory Committee

Listed below are examples of your OFAH hard at work on wild turkey management.

Official Submissions

Dec 20, 2021  ERO 019-4567 Proposal to establish new fall wild turkey hunting seasons in WMUs 60, 63, 69, 70, 74, 75, 86

Aug 5, 2020  ERO 019-1985 Proposal to open fall Wild Turkey hunting seasons in WMUs 72 and 95 in 2020

Oct 25, 2016  EBR 012-8597 OFAH comments on proposed changes to wild turkey management in Ontario

Jan 21, 2015  Wild turkey management considerations (reporting, working group, youth opportunities)

Mar 20, 2014  New open seasons for spring & fall wild turkey hunting in specific WMU’s

May 15, 2013  Ontario youth wild turkey heritage day proposal

Where we Stand

  • Wild turkey decisions must be made using the best available science
  • the OFAH supports the addition of a Wild Turkey Heritage Day for youth 12-17 years and first time hunters who have completed all courses

Committee Involvement

OFAH Sporting Dogs/ Small Game/ Migratory Birds/Wetlands Advisory Committee

Ontario Wild Turkey Advisory Group



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