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The OFAH employs a team of professional staff to review policy proposals, changes to regulations and legislation and any other initiatives or programs to advocate for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters.  Your Federation responds to proposed changes that could affect fish and wildlife conservation and angling and hunting opportunities.  The OFAH represents members on various access issues through the OFAH Land Use/Access/Trails Advisory Committee. Listed below are examples of your OFAH hard at work on lands and access issues.

Official Submissions

May 10, 2024  Town of Marathon Boat Launch Fees Increase

Dec 1, 2023 OFAH Letter of Endorsement for the Highlands Corridor

Oct 23, 2023 Floating accommodations in the Trent Severn Waterway

Oct 18, 2023 ERO #019-7378 Protecting Black Ash and its habitat under the Endangered Species Act, 2007

Oct 10, 2023 ERO #019-7598 Proposed regulatory amendments required to implement legislative amendments made through Building More Mines Act, 2023

Sep 5, 2023 ERO# 019-6666 Developing a management plan for Bigwind Lake Provincial Park

Aug 18, 2023 ERO #019-7356

Aug 14, 2023 Bradford Bypass: Updated Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report

Jul 31, 2023 ERO# 019-6813 Review of proposed policies adapted from A Place to Grow and Provincial Policy Statement to form a new provincial planning policy instrument

Apr 5, 2023 ERO # 019-6590 Proposal to amend Ontario Regulation 161/17 to the Public Lands Act to change the requirements for camping on water over Ontario’s public lands

Jan 4, 2023 Algonquin Land Claim – additions to Ontario’s Provincial Park and Conservation Reserve System

Dec 20, 2022  ERO 019-2927 Proposed updates to the regulation of development for the protection of people and property from natural hazards in Ontario

Dec 19, 2022  ERO 019-6161  Conserving Ontario’s Natural Heritage

Nov 30, 2022  ERO 019-6141 OFAH comments on the legislative and regulatory proposals affecting Conservation Authorities to support the Housing Supply Action Plan 3.0

Nov 22, 2022  ERO 019-6160 OFAH comments on the proposed updates to the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System

Oct 27, 2022  ERO 019-4868 OFAH supports the creation of Alfred Bog Provincial Park

Sept 19, 2022  ERO 019-5315  OFAH reviews the implementation of Ontario’s Independent Forest Audit Regulation (319/20) under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act

July 8, 2022  OFAH comments on the Draft Federal Sustainable Development Strategy 2022-2026

June 25, 2022  OFAH comments on the multi-species action plan for Rouge National Urban Park of Canada

Apr 30, 2022  ERO 019-5072 OFAH comments on Egan Chutes Provincial Park Management Plan

Apr 22, 2022  ERO 019-4803  Ideas for adding more Urban River Valleys

Apr 19, 2022  ERO 019-5119 OFAH provides input for floating accommodations on waterways

Mar 11, 2022 Multi-stakeholder letter: Re: Ontario’s Natural Resource Users say Public Forest Road Infrastructure Key Ask for Ontario’s 2022-23 Budget 

Mar 11, 2022  ERO 019-4922 Proposed changes for personal harvest of forest resources on Crown Land

Mar 7, 2022  ERO 019-4597 Proposal to create a conservation reserve along the south shore of Prince Edward County

Feb 24, 2022  ERO 019-4610 Regulatory & policy proposals (Phase 2) under the Conservation Authorities Act

Feb 10, 2022 Bradford Bypass Project – County Rd 4 Draft Early Works Report

Jan 18, 2022  ERO 019-4093 Amending the Darlington Provincial Park Management Plan to allow for management of native species

Aug 12, 2021 Orillia Mayor responds to OFAH concerns about their COVID-19 Waterfront Parking & Boat Launch Program

Aug 9, 2021  OFAH voices concerns with Orillia’s COVID-19 Waterfront Parking & Boat Launch Program

Jul 12, 2021  OFAH comments on the Draft Management Plan for Point Pelee National Park

Jun 25, 2021  ERO 019-2986 Regulatory proposals (phase 1) under the Conservation Authorities Act

Apr 1, 2021  ERO 019-3233 Proposed changes to Minister’s zoning orders & the Planning Act

Mar 9, 2021 ERO 019-0414 and 019-0417 Fire Management Policy for Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

Feb 12, 2021  ERO 019-2826  OFAH comments on the Statement of Environmental Values for the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Dec 16, 2020  ERO 019-2636 Proposal to streamline authorizations for species at risk

Nov 24, 2020  ERO 019-1608 OFAH comments on a renewed approach to allocating registered traplines

Sept 2, 2020  OFAH requests improvements to the Crown Land Use Atlas (CLUPA)

May 14, 2020  ERO 019-1468 Proposed Agricultural Land Use Amendment for Hearst and Kapuskasing

Feb 14, 2020 ERO 019-0715 Revisions to Forest Manuals Under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act

Feb 12, 2020  ERO 019-1006 Independent Forest Audits Under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act

Feb 12, 2020 ERO 019-1005 Managing Forest Pests in Ontario

Nov 28, 2019  Bill 136 – An Act to enact the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019

Nov 27, 2019  ERO 019-0774 and 019-0732 Bill 132 Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, 2019

July 9, 2019   Zoning Policy & Regulations for Canada’s National Marine Conservation Areas

May 17, 2019  ERO 013-4992  Focusing Conservation Authority development permits on the protection of people and property

May 17, 2019  ERO 013-5018  Modernizing Conservation Authority Operations Bill 108 Schedule 2

May 16, 2019  ERO 013-5033 OFAH comments on Bill 108 and proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act

May 3, 2019  ERO 013-4408 Amethyst Highlands Fish & Wildlife Enhanced Management Area

Jan 20, 2019  ERO 013-4293 OFAH comments on Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competetiveness Act, 2018

Mar 7, 2018  Protecting Water for Future Generations: Growing the Greenbelt

Mar 5, 2018  Crown Forest Management and Species At Risk in Ontario

Jan 22, 2018 Ecological Integrity in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

Oct 16, 2017  Algonquin Land Claim – Environmental Evaluation Report

Oct 10, 2017  EBR 013-1208 OFAH comments on adjusting certain Public Lands Act admin fees

Jul 30, 2017  EBR 013-0561 OFAH comments on proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act

Jul 25, 2017  EBR 013-0487 OFAH comments on changes to the fishing and hunting licensing system

Jul 6, 2017  EBR 011-2469 OFAH comments on the Slate Islands Park Mgmt Plan

Jun 29, 2017  EBR PB06E2023 OFAH comments on the Quetico Park Management Plan

May 15, 2017  EBR 013-0211  OFAH comments on Free Occupancy under the Public Lands Act

Mar 13, 2017  EBR 012-9499 OFAH comments on MNRF’s Climate Adaptation Strategy (Naturally Resilient)

Jan 23, 2017  EBR 012-8685  OFAH comments on Crown Forest carbon storage discussion paper

Jan 19, 2017  EBR 012-8234 OFAH comments on the Development of the Safe Harbour Policy under the ESA

Dec 16, 2016  EBR 012-8443 OFAH comments on the Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act (Schedule 1, Bill 39)

Dec 15, 2016  EBR 012-8840 OFAH comments on “Planning Ontario’s Energy Future – A Discussion Guide to Start the Conversation”

Nov 16, 2016  EBR 012-7675  OFAH comments on A Wetland conservation Strategy for Ontario

Nov 7, 2016  EBR 012-8002 OFAH review of the Environmental Bill of Rights

Oct 31, 2016  EBR 012-7228 OFAH participates in review of the Amended Niagara Escarpment Conservation Plan

Oct 31, 2016  EBR 012-7194 OFAH comments on the proposed growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Oct 31, 2016  EBR 012-7195 OFAH comments on the proposed Greenbelt Plan

Oct 31, 2016  EBR 012-7197 OFAH comments on proposed Conservation Plan for the Oak Ridges Moraine

Sept 8, 2016  EBR 012-7583 OFAH responds to proposed priorities for the Conservation Authorities Act Review-“Conserving Our Future”

July 18, 2016  EBR012-7619 OFAH comments on boundary changes and land use for Killbear Provincial Park

Jun 29, 2016  EBR012-7458 OFAH comments on developing an Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Processing Strategy for Northern Ontario

Jun 23, 2016  OFAH comments on the federal Sustainable Development Strategy

Apr 22, 2016  OFAH and Delta Waterfowl respond to wind turbine company that is advising landowners to ban hunting on their properties

April 21, 2016  OFAH and members dissatisfied with CLUPA information (Crown Land Use Policy Atlas)

March 8, 2016  OFAH comments on proposed changes to Forest Management Planning manuals for Ontario

March 7, 2016  OFAH comments on the Draft Ontario Pollinator Health Action Plan EBR#012-6393

Feb 29, 2016  OFAH reviews the (5-year) Presqu’ile Islands Management Plan WRT cormorants

Dec 15, 2015  OFAH comments on the proposal to modernize and strengthen the Aggregate Resources Act

Dec 8, 2015  OFAH comments on Ontario Culture Strategy highlighting that fishing, hunting and trapping are central to Ontario’s cultural identity

Oct 19, 2015  OFAH comments on the Conservation Authorities Act Review EBR#012-4509

Apr 17, 2015  Changes to the boundaries of La Verendrye and Pigeon River provincial parks to add acquired lands EBR#012-3329

Apr 13, 2015  OFAH comments on off road vehicle safety in Ontario ATV, UTV,ORV

Apr 13, 2015  OFAH remains vigilant in holding governments accountable on the Algonquin Land Claim

Apr 7, 2015  Magpie Forest 2009-2019 Forestry Management Plan Phase 2 Planned Operations

Feb 23, 2015  OFAH requests action on long-standing lack of information on the Algonquin Land Claim

Jan 22, 2015  Land use planning for all provincial unregulated Crown lands & waters in Wawa District EBR#PB06E2025

Dec 22, 2014  Forest Management Plan for the Magpie forest for the 10-year period EBR#012-2119

Aug 29, 2014  OFAH comments:  Tool kit for ecological flows and waterpower

Aug 11, 2014  OFAH urges MNRF to look at all options to keep the Abitibi trestle bridge (Iroquois Falls) open

Jul 25, 2014  Murray Marsh draft management strategy review

Sept 30, 2014  Independent forest audit modernization: key policy proposals EBR#012-2384

Sept 15, 2014  Letter of support to maintain access to public boat launch to Stoney & Clear lakes

Jan 24, 2014  Presqu’ile Provincial Park management plan amendment EBR#012-0486

Dec 5, 2013  Provincial Parks wildlife management: a call for a proactive approach

Nov 26, 2013  Quetico Provincial Park Management Plan review EBR#PB06E2023

Sept 11, 2011  CLUAH – Land use planning for all provincial unregulated Crown lands and waters in the Wawa district EBR#PB06E2025

Where we Stand

  • Fish, wildlife and Crown land renewable resources are public assets
  • Meaningful public participation in Crown resource decisions must be provided
  • Access planning is fundamental in managing our resources and creating quality recreational experiences
  • Access planning for Crown land must be based on multiple uses
  • The OFAH opposes the closure of boat launches and municipal shoreline and road allowances that provide public access to Crown lands and waters
  • Anyone who destroys public access to protect personal interests must be subject to prosecution

Committee Involvement

OFAH Land Use/Access/Trails Advisory Committee Algonquin  Park Forest Certification Advisory Group Provincial Falconry Advisory Committee Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Stakeholder Advisory Group McLaughlin Bay Restoration Strategy Steering Committee

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