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Baitfish Review

The MNRF is proposing a new bait management strategy and the outcomes will affect the way anglers use and harvest bait in Ontario. The strategy applies to baitfish and leeches (live or dead) but does not include crayfish, frogs, and worms.  For nearly a decade, the OFAH has been actively engaged in bait management in Ontario. We participated on the MNRF’s Bait Review Advisory Group, attended stakeholder sessions, submitted official responses, and continue to advocate on behalf of Ontario anglers.


Past OFAH submissions on the Provincial Bait Review

Nov 14, 2019  ERO 019-0518 OFAH comments on Ontario’s Sustainable Bait Management Strategy

May 21, 2019  Letter to MPP Toby Barrett – Bait Roundtable Compilation

June 23, 2017  EBR 012-9791 Strategic Policy for Bait Management

Dec 19, 2014  EBR 012-2836 Provincial Bait Policy Review – Angler Use and Movement of Baitfish in Ontario

Dec 19, 2014  EBR 012-2835 Provincial Bait Policy Review – Bait Use and Commercial Harvest in Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

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