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better cormorant control in ONtarioPrivate Member’s Bill 205  died on the table along with all private members’ bills when the Wynne government prorogued the legislature in September of 2016.  The Bill proposed to change the FWCA to remove the provincial protection of double-crested cormorants . 

Cormorant populations remain high in Ontario and continue to spread inland stripping island ecosystems, de-valuing property and depleting natural resources.  April marks the migration of  double-crested cormorants back to Ontario, and another season of overabundant wildlife challenges. The OFAH is working to remove the unnecessary provincial protection of these birds under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.  The OFAH has been advocating for better cormorant control for well over a decade.

THE FACTS about cormorant control in Ontario

2016 OFAH cormorant presentation


June 7, 2016  Bill 205 passes second reading to remove provincial protection of double-crested cormorants

Feb 29, 2016  OFAH reviews the (5-year) Presqu’ile Islands Management Plan WRT cormorants

Jan 24, 2014  Presqu’ile Provincial Park management plan amendment EBR#012-0486


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