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2022 OFAH Provincial Election Priorities

Fishing, hunting, and trapping remain very relevant in today’s world, with 25% of all Canadians participating in these activities, which contribute $15.2-billion to the national economy each year. In Ontario, the outdoors community is very diverse with men, women, youth, and new Canadians combining to make up the 1.2 million anglers and 400,000 hunters living and participating across the province.

Political advocacy is core to our commitment to represent the interests of Ontario’s anglers, hunters, and trappers. Why are we committed to it? Our lobbying efforts help improve the laws, regulations, and policies that influence fishing, hunting, and the conservation of fish and wildlife in Ontario. This requires us to engage all levels of government, especially at Queen’s Park, and with a Provincial Election looming on June 2, the importance of that is heightened. Though much of the chatter between now and election day will focus on the pandemic, the government’s response, and the best path forward, OFAH advocacy will be in full swing to ensure that anglers and hunters aren’t left out of the conversation as the province pivots toward economic recovery.

With that in mind, we’ve written to each major political party in Ontario and asked them to answer the following five questions before voters hit the polls:

1: Will you increase NDMNRF’s Fish & Wildlife budget by increasing Consolidated Revenue Fund investments to match the contributions anglers, hunters, and trappers make through the Fish & Wildlife Special Purpose Account? 
2: If elected, what concrete actions will your government take to promote fishing and hunting, and enhance the recruitment, retention, and reactivation of anglers and hunters in Ontario? 
3: What infrastructure investments will you make that will improve accessibility to the outdoors for the people of Ontario? (i.e., access to Crown land roads, public boat launches and parking, and fishing access points). 
4: Please outline what specific investment or policy actions would you take to support fishing and hunting, and fish and wildlife conservation in Ontario? 
5: Would you commit to investing in the OFAH-NDMNRF programs at levels that are equal to or greater than what is occurring now? 

Note: Any written responses to the questions above received from each party will be posted on this site as they come in.


Beyond the five questions outlined above, we’ve also developed and published a more comprehensive list of election priorities. This list represents some, but not all, of what we will advocate for, regardless of which party forms the next government following the election.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW for a rundown of our asks related to investments in a green economy and our priorities for wildlife, fisheries and conservation.



In 2018, we took a similar approach to our provincial election advocacy. For a look at what we asked for then and how parties responded to those asks, CLICK HERE.

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