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Lead Ammunition & Fishing Tackle

The federal government released two reports on the use of lead and lead-free alternatives in ammunition and fishing tackle. It is clear from the reports that there is a lack of understanding of how and why anglers, hunters and sport shooters use lead in Canada.

The government is seeking input on developing an approach to encourage lead-free ammunition, sinkers and jigs in Canada. The OFAH has developed a survey to better understand angler, hunter and recreational shooting perspectives on lead and lead-free alternatives to inform our advocacy on this issue.

Thank you for participating in our survey, please see link below for a copy of the results from our survey.

OFAH Lead Survey Results

June 1, 2018 OFAH response to lead-free fishing tackle and ammunition proposal


Read the proposal on lead ammunition

Read the proposal on lead jigs and sinkers

  • Lead is the most common material in ammunition and some fishing tackle (e.g. sinkers and jigs).
  • Anglers and hunters don’t use lead because it is lead, they use it because it is the most available, affordable and effective material.
  • Government (and the public) must understand the impacts of a partial or full lead ban on anglers and hunters, and policy must adequately reflect these considerations.
  • Non-lead alternatives (e.g. steel, bismuth, tungsten, tin) are:
    • not always equivalent in performance
    • not as readily available as lead (volume supply and variety)
    • far more expensive than lead options
    • are not compatible with some firearms and chokes
  • The burden of change should not be placed solely on the backs of anglers and hunters.
  • If government is serious about encouraging non-lead alternatives for ammunition and fishing tackle, then they must make strategic investments to facilitate a transition (e.g. voluntary programs that provide incentives for change).
  • Government must work closely with anglers and hunters, as well as industry to develop a constructive approach to making non-lead alternatives more cost-effective and available

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