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MNRF Licensing System Changes

Anglers and hunters are experiencing major changes to licensing since the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) updated the Licensing Automation System (LAS). This is the computer system that the MNRF uses to manage Outdoors Card profiles, licence purchases, tags, draw entries, and reporting.

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What has changed?

  • “Tags” have replaced “game seals”
  • You will no longer receive your licences and tags in the mail.
  • You have the option to print your tag once from a home computer
  • You are responsible for ensuring that paper tags are protected (intact and legible). The MNRF does not recommend laminating your licence summary or your tags as this may affect the legibility. Instead, it is recommended to carry your summary tags in a protective bag or pouch.
  • You have the option to print multiple copies of your licence summary from a home computer (a listing of all your current fishing and hunting licences and tags)
  • You must carry the tag at all times when hunting. When you are not accompanying the animal, the tag must be securely attached to the animal
  • You must also carry your licence summary when hunting or fishing (unless the licence is listed on the back of your Outdoors Card (i.e.: small game or fishing).
  • It is now mandatory to report hunting activity for all moose, deer, elk, black bear, wild turkey and wolf or coyote hunters (that have purchased a tag) – even if you didn’t hunt or harvest an animal. You will no longer receive hunter postcards in the mail
  • Apprentice hunters aged 12-14 can purchase their own licences and tags that do not require draw entry (i.e. an antlered tag deer tag but not an antlerless).
  • Apprentices must still follow all existing rules under the Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program
  • There is a single dog licence available, rather than 3 separate dog licences that were currently available
  • No hunting dog licence is needed when tracking or recovering deer, moose or elk under the following conditions: the dog handler must have the dog on a leash (max 10m) and under control, the handler must not be carrying a gun, and the handler must be accompanied by the licensed hunter who shot the game animal.
  • You need a valid Outdoors Card, proof of hunter accreditation and firearms accreditation while hunting on a game bird hunting preserve.


What has the OFAH been doing?

  • Prior to the roll out of the new licencing system, the OFAH provided the MNRF with advice on how to make the system accessible and user friendly for hunters. Since the launch of the system, the OFAH has continued to receive feedback from our members and share that directly with MNRF licencing staff.
  • OFAH staff have provided assistance to members as they navigate the new licencing system and address specific issues as they arise. Where necessary, OFAH staff have connected members directly with MNRF licencing staff to ensure that their concerns heard.
  • OFAH will continue to advocate for a system that is convenient, user-friendly and does not create any barriers, especially for anglers and hunters who do not own or use a computer.

This generation of anglers and hunters are experiencing some of the most significant changes to fishing and hunting licensing in Ontario.  Stay connected with the OFAH by signing up for e-news to get the most up-to-date information delivered right to your email inbox.  Visit to sign up.

If you are having issues with the online licencing system call the MNRF Natural Resources Information and Support Centre (1-800-387-7011 or 1-800-667-1940). Be aware that due to call volume at certain times of year the wait may be significant.



Aug 20, 2021  ERO 019-3977 Financial penalty for failing to submit a mandatory hunter report

MNRF’s web page for the latest changes to the Licensing Automation System and fishing and hunting regulations.

MNRF’s decision notice on licensing changes (CLICK HERE)

OFAH weighs in on the suggested licensing changes in the 2017 EBR posting


The full amended regulations (Hunting regulation covers off most of the significant changes):


Fish Licensing

Possession, buying, and selling of wildlife



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