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Moose Hunting Changes

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In response to a reduction in adult validation tags in WMU’s 41, 42, and 47, the OFAH surveyed moose hunters to gauge the level of support or opposition for the use of calf validation tags as a tool to reduce calf harvest. Over 1,300 hunters responded to the survey and provided valuable input on moose management and how they are personally affected by moose regulation changes.  Read the full report here


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Jan/Feb 2017  OFAH responds to the ECO Report in Angler and Hunter HOTLINE column Missed Opportunities: a reply to the ECO report

Feb 2017  OFAH debates on whether Ontario should ban the hunt on moose calves (CBC Radio The Current)

May 2015  OFAH article in the Chronicle Journal Outdoors Guide called Dark Days for Moose Country


Where we Stand

Here’s where the OFAH stands on the moose hunting changes:

  • The proposed 2-week calf season is overly restrictive and could result in crowding and poor hunt quality while making it difficult for hunters to accommodate fluctuations in weather, work schedules and hunting preferences. The OFAH recommended a 4-week calf season to spread out hunters while providing some level of protection for calves.
  • We do not support the proposed adult season reduction in 2016 because the existing moose tag allocation system is sufficient to control the harvest of adult moose.
  • A phased-in approach should be used to ensure hunting opportunities are not unnecessarily restricted and allow the MNRF to assess the effectiveness of any management changes.

The OFAH recommends solutions that will generate the greatest benefit to the moose resource while minimizing unnecessary impacts on hunters. We need your support to spread the message. You can help the cause by joining the OFAH, renewing your membership or by making a donation. Check this page often for updated information on the proposed moose hunting changes.