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Port Hope Fishing Fee

UPDATE:  Fishing Access Pass AVERTED – March 7, 2017

The OFAH is pleased that the Town of Port Hope has decided to HOLD on the $40 fishing access pass to the Ganaraska River.  Access to fishing on the Ganaraska River in Port Hope will remain free and open to the public in 2017.

The Town of Port Hope is considering a Municipal Access Fishing Pass to the Ganaraska River. This would mean a $40 fee for anglers to access the Ganaraska River to fish in the Town of Port Hope.  The OFAH is spreading the word so that anglers can speak out before the consultation deadline (Feb 26, 2017).

  • The OFAH does NOT support additional access fees to fish.
  • Charging an access fee to fish a public resource could set a standard for other municipalities that wish to restrict fishing access and collect revenue.
  • Anglers already pay a fee to access Ontario fisheries through their fishing licence. A municipal licence will ultimately limit public access to a provincial resource.
  • The OFAH has been involved in Port Hope fishing issues since 2015, participating in discussions, reaching out to anglers, providing OFAH staff to help train Port Hope Town police officers and helping create signage along the river.

Read our letter here

We encourage anglers from across Ontario to speak out on this important, potentially precedent-setting municipal action by February 26th




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