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Deer Hunter Special

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OFAH membership explained:

The OFAH is you! We are an organization driven by ordinary people with an extraordinary commitment to improving the great outdoors.

We are the volunteer initiative on the front line for conservation. We support programs, projects, and partnerships that make a difference for our natural resources. We care deeply about fish and wildlife management, and we proudly take a stand for our fishing and hunting traditions.

Why OFAH members want your support!

Your passion is hunting, and your commitment to conservation comes from the heart. You are dedicated to the outdoors. Your family’s world revolves around it. Hunting is your way of life.

Your admiration for conservation volunteers and professionals means that you don’t take outdoor opportunities for granted. Your pride in personal outdoor ethics keeps fishing and hunting traditions strong. Your down-to-earth desire to make a difference is what OFAH membership is all about.

Your OFAH membership is your defining outdoors moment; you looked to the future with heartfelt satisfaction knowing that you are doing everything possible for your family’s outdoors way of life.

With this membership receive:

  • Camo OFAH hat
  • HS Scent Away
  • Tinks 69X
  • Club House LaGrille steak spice
  • Team OFAH All Day Cooler Bag
  • Quaker Boy Brawler Grunt Tube
  • plus, every OFAH membership provides 10 action-packed issues of Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine, $5 Million OFAH Members’ fishing and hunting public liability insurance (some conditions apply) and hundreds of dollars worth of discounts and savings through OFAH affinity partners.

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Get a Buck 110 Knife included with the membership


SOLD OUT – Please check out other Membership Offers