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Lyme Disease and Medical & Travel Expense Coverage

The Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH) is extremely pleased to announce two new exciting OFAH exclusive enhancements to the our member insurance program, which are automatically included with in your yearly membership.

Lyme Disease Diagnosis: Qualify for a specific benefit that would pay a lump sum to the insured member if they are first diagnosed with Lyme disease while insured under the OFAH AD&D policy (provided through the GNWA). The benefit amount is $2,500. It would be a straightforward diagnosis and would not matter when, where or how the member got infected (effective January 1, 2018 – diagnosis before January 1, 2018, are not eligible under this policy).

Medical Travel Expense: Reimbursement of expenses to travel for medical treatment that is needed under any covered loss (as per the approved description of operations) if the insured has to travel farther than 175 km from their home and the treatment cannot be done within the 175km radius of their home. The expenses would be for public transportation and accommodations for the insured and 1 accompanying person if the person needed to have someone with them (eg: an injured child). The benefit limit is up to a maximum of $2,000. *Not applicable to pre-existing medical conditions prior to January 1, 2018 and membership must have been active/purchased prior to date of incident.

For more information on these new insurance coverage features, contact Brian McRae