The VOICE of Anglers and Hunters since 1928

To mark another outstanding OFAH conservation achievement, ThermaCELL is pleased to present a FREE ThermaCELL for anglers and hunters who care enough to join the OFAH today.

Why should you join the OFAH?

The OFAH is “relentless” in pushing for more fishing and hunting opportunities. On issues such as the long gun registry, moose management, native land claims, cormorants and the fight for fish and wildlife conservation programs, OFAH membership never gives up!

For over two decades, OFAH members have also fought for the spring bear hunt. No one has done more.

The spring bear hunt is back, but it might not be back forever.  Right now, anti-hunting organizations have the expanded “pilot” spring bear hunt in their sights. Anti-hunters are mobilizing their supporters and repositioning the propaganda that led to the cancellation of the spring bear hunt in the first place.

Ontario’s hunters and anglers must be vigilant.

The OFAH has not finished fighting for a permanent spring bear hunt. We need YOUR HELP!

OFAH members do not wait for the next attack on conservation to show how much they care.

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