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Municipality of Southwest Middlesex – Sunday Gun Hunting

Please be advised that on Wednesday, January 25, the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the potential adoption of Sunday gun hunting.  The meeting will take place at the Southwest Middlesex Municipal Office, which is located at 153 McKellar Street in Glencoe, and it will start at 7:15 p.m.

We would appreciate and welcome any OFAH members or fellow hunters and/or trappers who would be able to attend this meeting in support of Sunday gun hunting.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, but would still like to show your support and have your voice heard, please send an email to (Deputy Clerk Sheila McCahon, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex).

We would also respectfully ask that you copy OFAH head office on your email to (Brian McRae, OFAH zone/member and club services liaison).

It is extremely important for all hunters and trappers to attend this meeting and to show their support for the additional opportunities that Sunday gun hunting within the municipality would provide.  Your support could be the determining factor in seeing Sunday gun hunting approved.

We appreciate your support and assistance on this matter.