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Township of Georgian Bay – Sunday Gun Hunting

The OFAH is seeking your assistance in an attempt to get the Township of Georgian Bay to permit Sunday gun hunting.

We have been working with an OFAH member, and resident in the Township Georgian Bay, who is attempting to drum up as much support as possible before council makes its decision early next year.  In support of that, please consider sending an email to  Previous attempts to convince council to adopt Sunday gun hunting have not had as much support as the opposition, so if you support it your input now is critically important to the process. We would respectfully ask that you copy OFAH head office on your e-mail at (Brian McRae, senior advisor, community & partner relations).

For reference, here is a glimpse of Bryan’s email to council.

Dear Georgian Bay Township Council,  

I am writing to you as a resident of our township and someone who loves the natural beauty and bio-diversity it provides to us all. The upkeep of our natural landscapes and the conservation of sustainable animal populations is vital to ensuring this natural beauty is retained for future generations. Part of that effort is enabled by hunting – both in the many fees paid by hunters of which 100% goes toward conservation efforts, and in the harvesting of over-populated species to ensure a balanced ecosystem and healthy herds/flocks.  

The purpose of my email is to implore you to overturn the municipality’s ban on hunting with a gun on Sundays. This is a topic that has come before council before, most recently in 2017, but which has not been overturned to date. Here are a few pieces of information that speak to many of the objections raised on this topic in the past and which should be considered: 

  • This change has been approved in 182 municipalities, including all but 2 (GBT and Carling) north of Barrie.
  • There are many legislated restrictions on hunting and the discharge of firearms that would remain in force with this change (banned in provincial parks, not within 8 meters of a travelled right of way including snowmobile trails, not on any private property without express permission, and more), as well as GBT specific bylaws restricting the discharge of firearms within 75 meters of a residence. 

A resolution to overturn the ban will be coming before council early in 2021, and the points above and more will be discussed in greater depth. I hope you see that this change would be very positive for the township in many ways, and would pose no safety risk to my fellow residents here.

Many thanks. 

Bryan V.

A representative from the OFAH will available to make a presentation at this meeting should we be provided the opportunity.

The time is now for all hunters and trappers to show their support for the additional opportunities that Sunday gun hunting within the Township of Georgian Bay would provide. We appreciate your support and assistance on this matter.

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