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I Am Conservation Raffle

In support of Ontario Stream Restoration & Fish Stocking Fisheries Improvements

Anyone who pays taxes, funds the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry through their outdoor licence fees, and has a concern for conservation and fishing opportunities will insist - as does the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters - that there is one thing that Ontario cannot afford to be without. HATCHERIES.

Hatcheries are the home of the provincial fish culture program which started with the rearing of Atlantic Salmon back in the 1800s. Samuel Wilmot (of Wilmot Creek near Oshawa) started this conservation revolution. For decades since, the concept of rearing and stocking fish has been embraced and perfected by OFAH member clubs that voluntarily operate their own local hatcheries.

Fishing wouldn't be what it is today without volunteer-run fish hatcheries. Likewise, fishing wouldn't be what it is today without MNRF provincial hatcheries (paid for by anglers and hunters) that produce anywhere from 7 to 10 million fish annually and are stocked in thousands of lakes and rivers in Ontario.

If it weren't for local and provincial fish culture programs, there wouldn't be a recreational fishery on the Great Lakes, particularly for salmon and trout. There wouldn't be fish in lakes that were once hit hard by acid rain and other causes.

There wouldn't be alternative angling opportunities when other nearby lakes need time to recover. There wouldn't be a sustainable Aurora trout, Haliburton trout or any other genetically distinct fishery. And there wouldn't be a major cash flow for businesses and the government when 2 million anglers wet their lines each year.

Members of the OFAH proudly stand behind hatchery volunteers and fish culture professionals who help make our fishing experiences possible.

In 2017, the OFAH proudly welcomed the partnership support of Honda Canada.

Together, the OFAH and Honda delivered new pumps and generators to volunteer-run hatcheries across the province. That expression of gratitude for conservation volunteers was professionally documented in a new OFAH commercial (supported by Honda) that aired across major media markets, including CTV.

The OFAH and Honda salute to conservation volunteers can be viewed on OFAH YouTube and OFAH Facebook or by visiting

Raffle Prize

2019 TRX500 ATV Fully Loaded

{winch, heated grips, windscreen and a soft rear bag}


Honda EU2000I Generator
Honda Outboard 2.3HP



VALUE: $18,341.03
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9100 tickets available
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Prize must be accepted as awarded.
The winner will be notified by telephone.
The winner is responible for pickup/delivery, licence and insurance.

I Am Conservation Raffle

I am a deer hunter.
I am a bass angler.
I am a trapper.
I am a trout fisherman.
I am a waterfowler.
I am ________.

In support of Ontario Stream Restoration & Fish Stocking Fisheries Improvements

No matter if, when and how often these "I am" statements match your outdoor lifestyle, there's one statement that galvanizes all fishing and hunting pastimes. I Am Conservation.

I Am Conservation is the single greatest statement that describes the passion and purpose behind every traditional outdoors pursuit. I am an OFAH member is in the echo of 80,000 voices that never give up on the fight to improve outdoor opportunities.

Meanwhile, I Am Conservation is in the heart of anglers and hunters who volunteer, donate, mentor or, in anyway, lead by example to quietly and humbly give back to nature.

I Am Conservation is a statement that represents your down to earth desire for a great outdoors future.

Please consider continued support of the OFAH with a membership or donation.

Thank you to our generous prize sponsor

Thank you to Honda Canada for generously donating the grand prize and allowing 100% of the proceeds to be directed towards Ontario stream restoration & fish stocking fisheries improvements across Ontario.
Visit for more information.
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