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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is proposing changes to black bear hunting including a full return of the spring bear hunt.

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If adopted, the proposed changes would:

— Continue the spring black bear season (May 1st to June 15th) beyond 2020 for residents and non-residents in all Wildlife Management Units where there is a fall black bear season (except for WMUs 82A, 83 and 84 – see below for additional information).  The harvest of bear cubs and female bears accompanied by a cub would remain prohibited.  Bear licences and tags would remain valid for both the spring or fall season.

— Reduce the bear hunting and trapping season in WMUs 82A, 83 and 84 to one-week from May 1 to May 7 and close the fall season to support the long-term sustainability of the local black bear population on the Bruce Peninsula.  The proposed shortened season is intended to continue to allow for a limited hunt, while reducing human-caused mortality (particularly on female bears). If this proposal proceeds, it would come into effect for spring 2020.

— Eliminate special black bear hunting opportunities for non-resident landowners and non-resident immediate relatives. Non-resident landowners or immediate relatives of Ontario residents will no longer be eligible to obtain a black bear tag and validation certificate unless they are hunting through a licensed bear operator.

— Require individuals or businesses to have a ‘Licence to Provide Black Bear Hunting Services’ to provide guiding services to residents within a Bear Management Area.

— See the full proposal here:

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