O.F.A.H. Head Office Information or Announcements

This page of the website will have information or announcements we receive from O.F.A.H. Head Office and we feel that it is important the members of O.F.A.H. Zone “E” should read.



June 08th 2016   –  –   Item

We received, from O.F.A.H. Head Office, a copy of the “Vision Statement”. The vision of O.F.A.H. remains, “to ensure a future that includes healthy lakes and forests, bountiful fish and wildlife, and accessible opportunities for all Ontarians to share our passion for fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation.”


To this end the O.F.A.H. “Mission Statement” is, ” as the voice of anglers and hunters and as a leader in fish and wildlife conservation in the Province of Ontario, the O.F.A.H. will:

-strive to ensure the protection of our fishing, hunting and trapping heritage, and the enhancement of fishing, hunting and trapping opportunities;

-promote and encourage safe and responsible participation; and

-champion the conservation of Ontario’s fish and wildlife resources